Why is it Important to Arrange Physical Activity for Daycare Children

Why is it Important to Arrange Physical Activity for Daycare ChildrenOur main task as daycare provider is make sure that children can reach their developmental stage as it should be. It is also including maintaining proper type of activity for them based on their age. In fact, children start their rapid growth from their early birth up to 5 years of age. Physical activity is important for children because it can maintain their healthy weight. Not only that, it is also an effective ways to decrease children stress and depression risk. If children of our daycare have lower stress and depression level then they will get higher chance to avoid illness that related with obesity like high blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol. It is even better if we can arrange proper physical activity to train their flexibility, endurance and strength.

Physical activity for children in daycare is not only carrying health for physical benefit but also can support their brain development, social and motor skill. Children who are often doing physical activity will have stronger bones than those who do not. When they already finish their exercise, usually they will get better sleep pattern. As addition, children who actively doing physical activity in daycare will have less behavior problem and actively class involvement. Things that we need to consider when planning physical activity is checking the safety aspect and stay supervise them. To make sure that our daily daycare physical activity is perfect for children then we can try to keep children actively involve, do not push them too much and knowing clearly about their development milestone.

In general, the kind of physical activity for daycare children is divided into two. Those are the structured and unstructured one. The structured one is the kind of activity that consists of such organized, intense and quick physical activity that lead by adult. It is totally planned to be suit with each children age and their motor skill development. Other type of physical activity in daycare is the unstructured one. This one makes children possible to choose their own physical activity to do. They can simply play with their favorite daycare supplies like dolls, cars, motorcycle, bike or even dress up game. Unstructured physical activity absolutely sound more interesting to children because they can choose activities based on their preference and ability. Even though it is all up to children to choose but we are also need to be actively involve maintaining children safety. Do not forget to encourage children to cooperate while doing their physical activity. For the location, we can simply choose indoor or outdoor daycare area. In fact, we need to provide much more time to do physical activity outside to avoid boredom and support their motor skill development.