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What Should Say to the Bullied Kid?

I bet most of you may get emotionally attached when hearing that your kid is becoming bullied kid. However, any kind of reaction that you make will affect how they face it and how they can move from this bullying. It will be better if you can provide support and comfort beside your anger and discomfort feeling. Most kid feels discomfort to tell their parent that they are being bullied. Any reaction that you give will shape their reaction when next bullied action happens.

What Should Say to the Bullied Kid?

You also need to be great listener than showing your anger or feel upset in front of them. Do not ever questioning what they already do to make them bullied, interrupting pr even criticize them of being bullying victim. Try to put your main attention on listening their story so that next time when it happen again, your kid will not think twice to tell it directly to you. Besides that, you also need to remember these 6 things when dealing with bullied kid:

Praise their courage to tell you

There is one thing that most parents do not aware of. It is not easy for kid that being bullied to tell it to their parent. Most kid will remain silent because they feel worried with adult reaction toward this. Some kid also feel to scare that adult will push them to fight back when they do not have enough bravery to do that. The first thing is praise kid of being honest for what happen to overcome the bullying.

State that it is not their fault

Believe it or not, some kid may think that bullying is happen because they have done something or they are deserved of it. Telling an adult is just adding their shame and embarrassment. Try to remind your child that being bully is a choice and they can end it when they want. Always stated that they are not alone and you will help them to overcome it together.

Ask kid opinion to end the bullying

Sometime parent always think about their own point of view. It will be wiser if you are also asking about kid opinion to find the most comfortable solution for them. Stated that you trust to them. This act will increase their mentality and confidence. Showing them various options to take and provide full support rather than overcome the entire problem all alone without involving your kid.

What Should Say to the Bullied Kid?

Stated that you will always help them

Never do any delayed action when you know that your kid gets bullied. Immediately contact the school official when physical, psychological or threat is happen. Bullying always create effect to children so any delay will make it worse.

Get children to think about their future

Bullying is not easy to deal with, however you need to remind children about their future. Teach children to recognize the bullying spot area to avoid. Make them realize that they are better to far away from this area. You may also let children to join some activities outside their school to increase and build their self esteem. Besides that, ask children opinion to find out what type of action will work.

Ask your children about friend to rely on

You cannot always protect your children at school. That is why it is better to make children think about their friend that they can count on at school. Make sure that they know who should walk with at school and friend to rely on. An adult like teacher or school staff that can be trusted is also a great start to seek for help.

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