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What Needs to Communicate between Daycare Provider and Parents part 2

What Needs to Communicate between Daycare Provider and Parents part 2

What Needs to Communicate between Daycare Provider and Parents part 2

Parent and daycare need to understand that children safety is their responsibility together. A common injury sometimes happens and cannot be denied.

Children seem to have tons of energy. The daycare is not only taking care of a single child. It is a hard job to make sure that every child is safe and health. However, daycare provider need to make sure that will give maximum supervise for children. Parents do not need to get angry when little angel get hurt. It does not mean that the daycare is less responsibility. Be respect and try to cooperate because parent needs daycare to take care of their children. In the other side, daycare needs to maintain their job and responsibility as well as possible to keep them safe.

Parent and daycare provider need to communicate about children health condition.

It will be better if parent can communicate children disease, injury, allergy and many other health factor so that daycare staff can prepare to provide the best treatment. Without parent communication or effort to communicate it then parent cannot simply blame daycare for every single problem that will resulting from it. Allergy is common in children, each child common to have different type of allergy. If daycare get proper information from parent than they can provide the proper food for them and avoid any food that will trigger the allergy.

Make a straight line that parent and daycare should cooperate to support children development.

The awareness that children development is both side responsibilities is a good foundation to avoid any miscommunication in the future. Basically, daycare is the place where children can get the needed nutrition, have fun, play and learn many things. However, it does not mean that parents can simply put all of those responsibilities on daycare burden. Parent will also need to educate children with some basic academic skill and moral value at home.

Holiday or vacation time is also need to communicate.

The schedule of parent vacation time is also need to communicate to give daycare time to manage their finance properly. It is also good to avoid any miscommunication because daycare can also have the vacation when many parents decide to take a vacation.

Parent need to inform the daycare if they want to move out the children to a new one.

Once again, good communication is the key. If parent want to move their children into a new place then they need to inform it to provide time for daycare preparation. Daycare seems to be a second home for children so it will surely need sometimes to make a great farewell. The previous information will also need to give daycare enough time to looking for replacement.

If parent and daycare can sit together, feel in the same level and same way to support and provide the best for children that it can be easier job to do. Avoid any high expectation for parent and get real with the situation. Respect is also need for both daycare and parent so that they can maintain good relation for the sake of children.

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