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What Needs to Communicate between Daycare Provider and Parents part 1

What Needs to Communicate between Daycare Provider and Parents part 1

What Needs to Communicate between Daycare Provider and Parents part 1

Who said that daycare is such an easy job? Sometimes it can be so difficult not only to deal with children but the parent also. The best thing to do is maintaining the communication between daycare and the parent itself so there will be a good cooperation among them. Here are several things that better to communicate so that the relationship will be great. Having better relationship will make daycare job easier because they will know better about children behavior. Here are several things that both daycare and parents should review and communicate together for the children sake:

It is a normal thing to happen if children have different act when they are at home and in daycare

Parents should not judge children will have the same behavior at home and in daycare. Obey and nice children at home can be naughty kids in daycare or vice versa. Another example is brave children at home can transform to be a shy and introvert children in daycare. The differences are not only about children behavior but also their food or drink preference. It is completely a normal thing. All we need to do is just try to understanding that the differences are possible and cooperation and support is far better than judgment or debate about it. That is why parent need to make some sudden visit to know how children interact during daycare hour and try to find the solution together with the provider if some problem persist.

Nobody is perfect including your little angle so being honest of it.

Children can be so sweet at home but during the daycare they may act different because of mood change. That is why daycare provider need to inform any children bad behavior and parents should listen and act positively. In fact, the daycare does not want to judge or blame but they inform to find the solution and make it better.  However, daycare provider have to choose the best sentence when inform it to avoid any argument. Parent needs to listen and accept it as something to communicate to find the best solution for children in the future. Work together to fix it rather than just insisting to be the right side is the best solution.

Daycare and parents have different discipline method. Communicate so that both sides can agree to a kind of discipline method.

Teach children to discipline is a part of daycare job and responsibility. Communication is the best way to make daycare and parent find the best discipline method to apply. Daycare must not think that it is under their authority so they can simply apply any kind of discipline method that they like. Yelling, kicking, hitting, slapping, screaming and other is absolutely not a good discipline to apply. Parents can watch the discipline teaching and make some positive correction if some inappropriate discipline applied. In the other side, parents also need to understand the daycare role and let them apply time out version as a part to teach discipline. Unluckily, sometimes parent get angry if their children disciplined without clearly seen the advantage of it.

Parents must never push daycare to do the parenting style exactly as they applied at home.

Particularly the same as parent that do not want to be interrupted when doing their parenting, daycare also need the space too. It does not mean that parent cannot communicate what they feel or give positive suggestion. Parent and daycare suggestion is also opened anytime but not to simply judge or accuse that daycare method is wrong.

Parents need to be patient with their children attitude changing and trust the daycare to do their job.

New people and new place may make children feel scare. Some children may interact successfully on their first day while the other need more time to open up. Parents also need to understand that their little angle may become intolerant, disobey and interrupting at the first days or week but it will change later. A shy child can be change into an open personality when they already find their comfort zone in daycare.

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