What is The Safest Toys for Daycare Children?

What is The Safest Toys for Daycare Children?Toys are one of important daycare supplies to provide. It is simply because children always love toys. In fact, toy is not only using for fun but also useful for children development. That is why we have to choose the right toys to avoid any unwanted injury or accident in your daycare. The number of children that suffer from improper toys is high. At least, the amount of victim gets increased. Most of cases are choking especially for kid under 3 years old. It is simply because children tend to put any objects in their mouth.

The manufacturer may set specific guidelines and label on each package about the age specification. However, you still need to so carefully supervision when purchasing the toys. You may also take a look at the CPSC or US Consumer Product Safety Commission to make sure that you choose the right toys. At least we need to take a look at several aspects as follow when purchasing toys for daycare supplies:

The toys that made from fabric material must have the flame resistant information on its package. Besides that, the daycare toys also need to be washable to make sure its cleanliness. Be sure that your painted toy is lead free paint and art material is categorized as non toxic one. If you buy paint and crayon, you better choose the one that has ASTM D-4236 on its package. This label is the sign that it is already pass the test from American Society for Testing and Material so that we can feel secure to use it in our daycare.

No matter how cute or cheap the toys, you better put the safety aspect as your first consideration. Unluckily, most of us put the price or design over safety when purchasing the toys for our daycare. Compare the cheaper price or cute design with the impact of the choking risk, broken part, sharp edge, toxic and other safety hazard. For the noisy toys, be sure that the sound still can be tolerated by daycare children hearing otherwise it will damage their hearing system.