Various Types of Activities that Boost Daycare Toddler Learning

Various Types of Activities that Boost Daycare Toddler LearningDaycare provider has to creatively thinking to find perfect activity for toddler learning process. Common toys that available in the market and effectively boost toddler learning are puzzle, doll stroller, train tracks, shape sorters or ride on toys. Beside those toys, we can creatively create our own type of daycare activity to use in the drama time. In fact, children love to imitate adult behavior. Let them act as Mommy or Daddy. All we need to do is just provide the best item to support their creativity. Household items like remote control, telephone, tea set, toddler size of mop, vacuum, kitchen and dressing are perfect for the drama time. Do not forget to provide suitable doll like baby doll or little child doll as their children. If you want them to get easier understanding about science then you can start them to learn about cause and effect. You can create a daycare gardening time together with toddler. Plant some seed can be a fun time. We are also possible to take them a walk in nature to let them observe the real condition outside their daycare.

If you want more adventurous or fun time instead of just stay inside the daycare then we can take toddler out. Go to different place will let them learn about many new things including new vocabulary. What we need to be concern is make sure that they have sufficient time to rest and well fed. Give them freedom to spend their time on their willing place. For the place selection, we can try to visit museum, library, aquarium, park, playground, farmer market and etc. Another type of daycare activity that perfect to boost toddler learning skill is art project. We just need to prepare crayon, color marker, paint, clay, smock, paper and etc. Let them freely express their creativity. When they finish, ask them to tell us about their masterpiece and put their art result in the wall as memorable moment in daycare. This daycare art project may be end in a mess but it is really helpful to support toddler creativity and fine motor skill.

Boosting toddler learning skills in our daycare can be held through the musical and dance time. Toddler always loves music. Try to provide simple instrument like tambourine, maracas, drum, guitar and others. If you have limited budget, you can make your own homemade musical instrument which I have explained in my previous article before. Reading time is also great time to increase children learning process. Read some simple stories with rhymes to increase toddler learning capacity. Choose interesting books with picture in it. We are also can add some games to make this reading time more interesting. Ask some simple question and let them completed the unfinished event. Let them describe the picture or color to increase their understanding in it. Let them open up or flap the books by themselves to satisfy their curiosity. All of those activities are perfect for daycare toddler to expand their learning ability.