Various Type of Daycare Infant Art Project to Try

Various Type of Daycare Infant Art Project to TryThe Infant art project is just one type of activity to support infant development in daycare. In fact, infant development is growing rapidly every day. That is why we should promote their development including the fine motor skill. Infant in our daycare trains their fine motor skill through using their fingers to grab, pull and grab. When infant show us their capabilities to doing those three actions then we can start to introduce them to some basic art activity like holding the paintbrush, making marks and use their hands to squish. This kind of art action is chosen because of its simplicity. It can be created and done anywhere. Doing the art project together can help us to teach infant, increase their imagination development and provide them enough space to express themselves. Not only that, doing the art project together with the infant of our daycare can be strengthened the bond between us. Here are several ideas of art project that we can do along with infant involvement. The first is painting work. What we need to provide is a high chair, piece of paper that taped on it and child friendly material. Water, paint and few amount of food coloring will be enough for this. Just simply prepare the cups with water that already given few drops of different food color. Prepare different type and size of brush and we are ready to have fun in our daycare.

For ourselves, wear old shirt just be ready for the mess that usually happen if we are dealing with an infant in our daycare. For an infant, take them in their high chair and secure the strap. If an infant can do it by themselves then we can let them go. If they need our support then we can give them an example like place the paintbrush in water and give it to them. Let infant of our daycare express freely by paint it onto the paper. Another type of artwork that is suitable for infants is finger painting. It seems more fun because infant can use their hands to create marks on paper. For this project, we can use vanilla pudding with food color. Vanilla pudding is used since it is safe for infant. For the vanilla pudding, we can make it from soy milk or water and then divide it into three different parts. Put a different food coloring to each part of the pudding and mix it. Place infant of our daycare into the high chair and secure the strap. Put a piece of paper on the tray. Do not forget to use a smock to cover up infant clothes from the mess. Put small amount of finger paint on the paper and let the infant free to express their creativity. They can simply use their fingers and also free to taste the paint. Seems not enough, another fun art project to do with infants in our daycare is play dough. Play dough is a great media to support infant development.

It is better for us make sure about the play dough safety before playing it with the infant of our daycare. If we want to be sure about the safety, we can make it on our own. We can simply make the dough from a cup of flour, half cup of salt and 2 tablespoons cream of tartar. Boil a cup of water and then pour the boiling water into the dry ingredient. Stir 2  tablespoon of oil and mix it with the  entire of ingredient. Knead in a flour surface until the thick dough reach its perfect consistency. One most important thing to consider is let it cool first before let infant of our daycare play with it. Do not forget to secure the high chair strap to make the infant feel safe. Let infant play with a small amount first. The next art project that can be simply along with infant in our daycare is the floor activity. What we need is only a butcher paper and crayon. For the crayon, choose the non toxic one. Put and tape the paper in a smooth surface floor. Spread all the colored crayon. Use the crayon and teach infant in our daycare to draw lines, circle, square and other various shapes. Teach and direct them to build animal, flower, scenery and other kind of things. When you finish, put the date and name of infant to make it memorable. Put the result of this art project on the wall of our daycare.