Various Games to Teach Daycare Children about Sanitation and Hygiene Habit

Various Games to Teach Children about Sanitation and Hygiene HabitDaycare job is not easy if it is deal with children sanitation. It is undeniable fact that children will always be associated with mess and dirt. It is a normal thing in children world.  However, daycare staff and teacher need to keep teaching children the importance of keeping sanitize, the danger of germ, pollutants, bacteria and others. The best way to teach children is through fun ways. Here are several games that we can try to teach sanitation and hygiene importance:

Green movement through trash or recycling games

In fact, we can teach children of our daycare about the importance of keep the earth clean and healthy in an earlier age. To do this game, we can simply divide children into several groups and prepare two kind of waste basket or bin. The first bin will be the place to put the trash while the second one is the place for recycled thing. Provide some items like old newspaper, dry leaves, plastic bottle, milk carton and others. Let children decide and take turn to put the items on their desired one. After the time is up, we can check and take the winner from those who can put more items in the correct bins. Of course, we have to explain to daycare children why certain item need to categorize as trash and vice versa.

The games of germ sharing

Children of your daycare may not aware of the importance of sanitation because they are too happy to play. They do not aware enough about the term of germ. One of simple example of the germ spreading is the shake hand activity. This is what we are going to explain during the game. Choose some common ailment that easier to spread like cold, flu, pink eye, strep throat and cough.  Make a paper that written by each ailment number. We are also need to make some other paper to represent the good habit like hand washing, not sharing drinks, and keeping dirty hands away from mouth or other. Give each children of your daycare with a paper that already written down by certain ailment number. Be sure that they already know what kind of ailment that they have. After that let children move freely around the room and shake hand with many other. While shake hand, they will exchange the number. In the end of the game time, take a look at each children number whether they get ailment or sick paper or good sanitation habit.