Various Enjoyable Daycare Activities based On Season

Various Enjoyable Daycare Activities based On SeasonAs a daycare provider, we are intended to take responsibilities from parents. That is why we have to find the proper way to fulfilled children need of health, wealth and safety. We also should find a proper material schedule during daily activity. Summer is the season where the school has a long holiday. If we want to maintain our daycare business then we have to be clever to choose the kind of activity to do during the summer season. If children feel enthusiast when doing your scheduled activity then it can be an indicator that you are succeed. The point of deciding the right activity is an activity that will not only make children have fun but also get some important value and learning through this process. There are many kinds of daycare out there. This fact makes our competition goes hard especially during the summer.  Here are several simple ideas that you can apply on your daycare to make sure that we are never running out of ideas to provide proper learning and child care.

The first type of activity to try is an outdoor fun. No matter how much playground or toys that we are provided inside our daycare, children may get bored with it. It is simply because they already play it for many days. We can take children to visit police or fire department where they can learn about safety. Children will absolutely excite with this idea since they can do many new things like trying the fire hats. If possible, get connected with the police or fire department staff so that they can give a short course or explanation on our daycare. It is a great idea because children can learn directly from professional about the importance of safety. Another type of activity variation that can be held inside our daycare during the summer are blanket toss game and barrier game. In toss game, we can ask children to make a circle and hold the blanket together. After that we can teach our daycare preschool children about cooperation so that they can toss the balls by shaking the blanket together Barrier game can be simply done by using any daycare furniture or equipment like pillow, chair, indoor playground and other. Teach children how to pass each barrier by crawling, jumping and etc. The first children that can reach the finish line will get the reward.

Picnic in the daycare garden or backyard can also be a great idea to try during summer season. Provide summer foods like watermelon, melon or other fruit and vegetables that they have already planted in the gardening project before. The Summer field trip is the next activity to try. As a provider we have to be clever when choosing a proper place to visit. The kind of the perfect place for children learning are a museum, aquarium, zoo, local park, dairy farm and etc. Of course we will need to get parental permission for held field trip. How about rainy days? Of course it is rarely liked by children. To cheer up the situation in our daycare, we can held some drama. Use the costume because children will love to explore their creativity and imagination. We are also possible to do storytelling by ourselves and wear costumes to make children more enthusiast. Make an art project also can be useful because it can make children spend a lot of time in daycare without getting bored. Provide various items like color paper, crayon, paint, glue, paper scissor, beads and many other supporting items and let children free to create something new. The point is to try something new that is not similar with any activity that we ever held to make children feel enjoy spending time is our daycare.