Various Cheap and Healthy Daycare Breakfast Ideas |

Various Cheap and Healthy Daycare Breakfast Ideas

Various Cheap and Healthy Daycare Breakfast Ideas

Various Cheap and Healthy Daycare Breakfast Ideas

Daycare also takes responsibility to provide healthy breakfast. Unluckily the budget limitation commonly makes us to think harder in providing healthy food without getting broke. It is difficult since we have to make a carefully plan to solve it all. Healthy breakfast is important since it can increase children metabolism and learning ability. Daycare children that served with balance breakfast food can have better understanding and learning level. Preparing food in the morning is not easy task. That is why many of us decide to serve cereal as breakfast menu because of its easier to serve and also children commonly loves it.

Making our own homemade daycare breakfast can be tough since we have to avoid boredom and provide much more time for the preparation and cooking process. Besides that, your common choice to serve cereal for daycare breakfast actually is expensive. You may get it cheaper with a kind of coupon but that coupon only can be obtain once a year and the amount is only less than $1.00. In fact, cereal is also contain a lot of sugar and processed substance. It makes cereal as not healthy and nutritious choice for children. Actually you can make a quick but healthy daycare breakfast. Try to make sandwich, piece of fresh fruit and a glass of milk for your daycare children. Another option for breakfast is cracker, cheese and fruit salad. Here are various cheap and healthy breakfast ideas for daycare children:

Hot dog bun with banana inside along with a glass of milk

Serve various eggs cooking like hard boiled, omelet and others for daycare breakfast

Breakfast cake

Be creative with left over vegetable from dinner time. Mix the vegetable with hash brown and cheese. It can provide sufficient calcium and protein intake.

Try to serve roasted potatoes, carrot with egg and cheese topping. Complete the daycare breakfast with mandarin oranges and a glass of milk.

Oatmeal is perfect to serve during the cold season. Mix it with milk and add some peanut butter to add the taste.

Smoothies that are made from the combinations of fruit, vegetable, honey, egg, wheat germ and oatmeal is another healthy breakfast idea for daycare children. Try to buy some organicĀ  from target because you can save some money. Besides cheaper, it is also healthier since some of it already added with brown rice to provide much more fiber that is essential for daycare children.

Pancake and waffle can be next choice for nutritious and healthy daycare children breakfast. To save the time and money, try to make large batches and then put it inside the freezer. It will make you much easier when you want to serve it. It is healthier, cheaper and lovable.

Stock up yoghurt that the price is lower than 40 cent. You can get it during the weekly grocery super sales. Greek yoghurt is great but expensive so try to turn into a plain one and add honey or granola and flaxseed sprinkle to add the taste.

French toast is nutritious, easy to make and lovely for children in our daycare.

The key is try your best to find various healthy but cheaper recipe. Be wise so that you can use the leftover food or other ingredient to make next nutritious breakfast. Healthy breakfast will be a great fuel for children to start their day. It can teach them to start a healthy consumption habit and increasing learning achievement level of daycare children.