Useful Tips to Teach Daycare Preschool Songs

Useful Tips to Teach Daycare Preschool SongsDaycare has various types of learning method. One of those methods is teaching children through singing. In fact, most children love to sing. Song and rhymes are the common method to teach children about language lesson. Not only to transform the language knowledge, the song also great media to build children’s motor skill and develop memory skill. This is the reason why many daycare choose to include singing time into their daycare preschool learning time. It is good to teach children in early age with music because the beat can make them easier to memorize the word repetition and retain language pattern. Even the expert in early education also thinks that music is a great technique to help children obtain language development. We are even possible to use music as a part to teach counting, alphabet and math. It will make us easier to transfer our knowledge into child’s capacity. If our daycare is handling small children then it is wiser for us to choose a simple one. It is better to choose because it will easier to memorize. As provider, we have to be clever to choose the song among popular song for kids. It will make them feel interested and easier to sing or follow the rhyme. So the conclusion is making the singing time as a part of our best daycare service as another type of learning method.

If our daycare dealing with preschool children then we should choose the song that consist of word and phrases with structured context to help them widening their vocabulary. The kind of song that we may choose for the daycare are lullaby song, twinkle-twinkle little star, alphabet song. London Bridge is falling down, Old Macdonald or Mary had a little lamb. Choose song is best to choose because the lyrics have some similar words and repeated rhyme. It will make children easier to follow and memorize. When we are teaching children in daycare, be sure that we always care and put their health and wealth among other consideration. We have to make children feel fun while learning with us. Never give too much pressure for children under our child care supervision. We are dealing with children in daycare so it is more than just business, we need to do it with our hearts. Make children repeat the song after us. Stay clearly when pronounces the lyric to make children easier to imitate us. Do not just repeat the same song for several times or in routine because children are easily to get distracted. Try to make something new or doing a different action even for the same song. Just try to enjoy the process in daycare.

Teaching children in daycare about singing a song will not be completed if we do not do any action. We can add simple actions like jumping, waving, clapping, stomping feet and hopping. If we are categorized as creative and imaginative person, we can make some choreographed to make the song more interesting. Additional motion or action can develop children motor skill. If children already can follow the choreography that we created then we can add more action. Great daycare will need more than just the license. We also need to be creative to find a most effective learning method. To make it easier, we can collect the songs in CD or DVD so that we can play it anytime we like. Be creative, we are even free to act silly. The point is how to make children engage in our motion and action. Do not choose a song that is difficult to learn and follow into our daycare routine. It will be better if we can play some musical instrument while singing. Low budget can put small piano, drum, keyboard or child’s toy collection. Being professional does not mean having high budget, we just need to explore more creativity to teach effectively without spending much budget. We are even possible to use any kitchen utensils that we can easily find like pan, pot, spoon and other material that usually used by small children in our family to make some noise. We can use those tools as additional musical instrument in our daily daycare routine.