Types of Useful Daycare Infant Activity

Types of Useful Daycare Infant ActivityFinding the proper type of activity is important when we are planning the daycare activity for infant. Children in this age still do not have capability to do a lot of things by themselves. However, their growth and development are going rapidly. That is why they will need our attention, support and supervision to reach their developmental phase correctly.  Infant on 10 up to 12 months can do such helpful activity by using everyday item that can be easily find in daycare. If you have empty plastic container and lid the you can start a fascinating activity for infant. First, we can put some cereal into the empty container. Let children pour it out or fill it in. The lid can be used like a homemade drum. Infant will love sound. We can turn over the empty container and use the lid as the drumstick. Infant in our daycare will absolutely love this kind of activity because they find something new.

Next type of activity that we can do in our daycare is by finding unused pop bottle. Blew it and made such a whistling music sound. Infant always love to repeat our action. When they see us blew the pop bottles, they tend to repeat the same action or ask us to repeat it again. It is a natural process. Infant always love to learn new thing surround them and one way to learn is by mimicking anyone near them. For the type of item, we can try to use our creativity to find any daily material. Another way to try in our daycare is doing sticker art. Let them put sticker in a sheet of paper. Let them choose their desired sticker. Sometime, get infant outside and do water or sand table game. We are also possible to ask them playing with the bubble. Singing along with them and let them repeat it. Be sure that choose simple song with repetition rhymes and small words amount. Use block to make stack, cups to make tower and etc will also be fun activity to do in our daycare.