Types of Game to Teach Color for Toddler in Daycare

Types of Game to Teach Color for Toddler in DaycareToddler in our daycare usually starts to recognize color since the age of 18 month. This month is the beginning of age when they start to identify color by themselves or need our help. However, dealing with toddler is not as easy as it seems. We need to find the perfect way to attract their attention so we can be easier to direct them to recognize color. Most cases are revealing the problem when toddler is not interested to learn about the color. That is why it is better if we can teach color recognition through games. Playing games with toddler in our daycare and put the lesson of color recognition as a part of it will be easier than pushing them to memorize various colors. One example of color games that we can play along with toddler of our daycare is the flashcard game. There are many kinds of flashcard that available in the market that completed with various color. Choose the flashcard that contains basic color to make toddler of our daycare get easier to memorize. The basic types of color itself will be red, black, white, blue, yellow, orange, brown, purple and green. We can make I more challenge by give time limitation for each toddler to memorize the color and mention it when we are showing it to them. Another challenge is give them certain flashcard color and then ask them to find items in daycare that have the matched color with it.

We can teach toddler of our daycare about color anytime and anywhere. It does not mean that have to teach them in the old kind of learning models. We are even possible to teach them about color recognition during the meal times. Firstly, provide foods that have various colors like pudding, fruit or vegetables. Ask toddler of our daycare to identify the color of their meal or just ask to group their food based on the color. We are also possible to play with the pudding or yoghurt with addition of some food coloring. Put the plain pudding or yoghurt in few different bowls. Add some food coloring to each bowl and ask them recognize the color before eat it. Teaching toddler also need some variation to make them stay paying attention on us. We can also ask them to go outside form the daycare into our backyard or local park. Teach them about the scenery and color variation. Point at the sky and say it is ‘blue’. Leaves, tree, stone and many more things can help us to teach toddler of our daycare to recognize color. To attract children, we can bring some colored ball or various color of toys. Explain first about the kind of color and then ask them to find the color that matched with our instruction. Toddler in our daycare will absolutely love this activity since they can feel the fresh air outside and free from any boredom.

If the weather is not so friendly, we still can teach toddler of our daycare about color recognition through indoor games. Treasure or scavenger hunt is the perfect example for this activity. We can make direction and clue that based on color to direct them into next clue which is also based on color. For example, we can say go to the big blue shelves instead of just saying a big book shelves. Another idea of indoor activity to teach toddler of our daycare about color is the painting or drawing. Ask them to paint or draw object with particular color. For example, ask them to draw a red pillow or blue car. We can also ask them to find thing that we are hiding it into some part of our daycare. Who can find it first will get some prize. Fishing is also become great game to play. We can make a fishing pole by adding a string to wooden measuring stick. Do not forget to attach magnet in the bottom of the string. Spread the alphabetical magnetic with various color on the floor. Let children take it based on our instruction. It will be an effective ways to teach toddler of our daycare about color.  Give some time limitation and see how many toddlers can collect and it will give us the information whether they already understand about the color variation or not. Those games above are simple and effective to be played together with toddler in our daycare.