Types of Daycare Nap Supplies

Types of Daycare Nap SuppliesDaycare nap supplies is categorized one of the most important supplies to be provided in a day care. In fact, children in a daycare needs proper place for them to take a rest. For the types, there are numerous model that available in the market. One of the basic nap supplies is children mat. When we are choosing the mat, we have to find the one that is not appropriate for children needs but also easier to clean. To solve the cleaning problem, it is better to choose the mat that made form washable material. Just be sure to wash it once a week to keep it clean. One of the common mat choice to buy is the vinyl mats. This type of mat is the cheapest daycare nap supplies.Beside cheap, it is also portable because possible to folded into several part. Even though this type of mat is cheap but we can count on in its durability. It is also easier to clean. This daycare nap supplies only need to be clean with wet cloth and bleach it with water. However, the vinyl mat is not ideally to be using only by itself. To make it properly used, we can combine it with crib sheet and thin blanket on it to make a proper daycare nap supplies for children under our supervision.

Another type of daycare nap supplies is cots. Cots is a kind of sleeping material that usually put by lift it several inches above the floor. Many daycare choose this type of nap mats because of its placement. Since it is put several inches above the ground so the children under our supervision can be avoided from hot and cold. The cots itself usually cover up with vinyl or plastic to make it easier for us to clean. Beside that, the cots commonly covered with particular cots sheet or even a twin one. Same with the mat, we also need to wash it properly once in a week. The next type of daycare nap supplies is the roll up. This kind of mat usually have an attached small pillow to make children feel comfort when sleeping on it. The benefit of using the roll mat is its durability when washing in a machine. Another similar daycare supplies for mat is all in one mats. This mat also have such thin blanket attached on it. This one is also good for daycare nap supplies since it can be washed in a machine.

When we are talking about daycare nap supplies, we should think about how to make children easier to sleep in a mat. It is also important beside choosing the proper mat for them. The first consideration is finding the mat that have proper size. Providing proper mat size will be well related with children comfort. The ideal size is the mat should be 2 inches thick. Children sometimes difficult to be asked to sleep in our daycare nap supplies. It is better to make a fun game instead just order them to directly sleep on their mat. Play a train game, sleeping beauty princess to make them feel fun and enjoy when directing to sleep on their mat. Daycare nap is important for children. It is needed for giving them enough time to rest. Beside that, daycare nap supplies also a great tools to teach children discipline regarding with their nap schedule. In fact, children seems to have tons of energy. That is why they are difficult to sleep. As a provider, we are also responsible for their resting time. That is why daycare nap supplies is very important to set a daycare nap habit and schedule.

If we are difficult to ask children to sleep in our provided daycare nap supplies then we can play some music to make them comfort. The type of music that useful to help them sleeping is a kind of soft music or classical one to get transition from playing time to sleeping time. Beside providing daycare nap supplies, we also need to give some rewards to make children eager to sleep in our scheduled time. The type of reward that we can provide is an extra playtime hour, snack or special meal. Another type of rewards is making star chard. Every time they are sleeping as our order, they can get one star be put in their chart. On the other side, give some discipline action to the kid who refuse to take a nap. Give them reducing of play time if they refuse to take a nap in our provided daycare nap supplies. Do not only give punishment but also explain to them the reason of the punishment. Explain that they will not get any punishment if they follow our order to take a nap in scheduled time. Some children have favorite stuff to take with when sleeping. Let our preschool to bring their favorite doll or item when take a nap so that they will feel comfort to stay in our chosen daycare nap supplies furniture.