Types of Creative Daycare Supplies for Toddler Learning part 1

Types of Creative Daycare Supplies for Toddler Learning part 1Choosing the daycare supplies that appropriate for toddler is important since this is the age when children try to develop their cognitive and creative learning. Our job as daycare provider will not only to care about their basic need but also support their developmental growth. We need to provide proper daycare supplies to help them growth. We can simply provide tables with paper, crayon, chalk, chalkboards, paint, clay, blocks and construction toys to build their creativity. Preschool children even more needed the type of daycare supplies that  stimulate their curiosity and skill development. We can offer those developmental building through some supplies in our child care like hand puppet and pretend play for their dramatic playing. We also can buy musical daycare supplies like musical toys and toy pianos to let children learn about music and balancing their brain function.

Children are full of creativity, energy and curiosity. To make sure that they are on the right track to gain all their needed skill then we have to provide the proper daycare supplies. The type of supplies that we can provide are playhouse and dollhouse. It is also good since children on this age like to imitate grown up activity. They can use the playhouse or dollhouse with dress up clothes to playing drama with their peer and train their socialization skill at the same time. Train toddler sensory skills with proper daycare supplies like crayon, paint or play dough. Beware of small daycare supplies like paint, chalk and other since they are often swallowed everything. Always supervise children in our daycare to avoid any unwanted thing to happen. Make a list of games that we can do to support toddler developmental ages. We can simply play pretend games with them. Be a police that try to arrange the traffic. Let them ride on their proper daycare supplies like mini motorcycle, bicycle, truck or mini car and try to make the environment as they are riding on a main road. Another way is pretending that we are in the zoo. Use any daycare supplies like equipment, animal or baby  doll to help us create a real situation. Make horse sound when we are holding horse doll and do the same with other doll.

Children love to move or jump around. Ask toddler to play with proper daycare supplies for this activities like bouncing or catch the balls and bean bags. Another creative play games that we can make is follow the leader. We can simply ask toddler under our supervision to follow our movement. Before that, set some obstacles from pillow, toys or another soft supplies or furniture. It is useful to train their movement.  We are also possible to train children to be diligent by letting them imitate our job like the household work. Commonly children will love to see when we are doing daily activities like cooking, sweeping or even cleaning part of the daycare. It will be great if we let toddler use any type of daycare supplies like mini cooking utensil, mini kitchen or even broom in their size. Tricycle, stick horse or wagon is essential for toddler from 18 month up to 4 years old because it can train toddler muscle coordination. Sand and water supply also can be putted in our daycare supplies inventory to raise their exploring skill with shape, size and weight. Do not forget to read a story for them during the nap time because children love to hear symbol, letter and number. Just try to provide complete supplies that make them possible to develop their own skills while developing their socialize skill with other children. We will need daycare supplies type that teach them to communicate with other, learn manner, cooperate , sharing and waiting in turn.