Top 7 Daycare Children Foods to Boost Brain Development |

Top 7 Daycare Children Foods to Boost Brain Development

Top 7 Daycare Children Foods to Boost Brain Development

Daycare children foods is important since it will affect how children get through the day. Not only that, children will also depend on their food intake to do the whole activity including learning process. In fact, children brain is always develop, growth and changing day by day. First 5 year of children age commonly called as golden years because it was the best time for their brain to growth. This is the reason why food intake is important.

Top 7 Daycare Children Foods to Boost Brain Development

Believe it or not, what children eat will heavily affect their cognitive skill and also their ability to focus on something. As daycare developer, you better enhance your knowledge on the type of foods that helpful to boost children brain development. By acquiring the information of the 7 best food then you can simply prepare it on your daycare menu including their breakfast or lunch.

Daycare children foods to boost brain development can be listed as follow:

  1. Green vegetables

The type of green vegetables that can be an efficient way to increase daycare children brain development are spinach and kale. These two vegetables is rich of vitamins and folate. Not only that, these type of veggie is also helpful to prevent dementia attack in their future life. Kale is great choice since it is contain high antioxidant level to boost brain cells growth. Unluckily, most children do not like to eat veggie. Based on this reason, you can make some smoothies or a whip instead of salad.

Another great recipe to try is vegetables omelet or spinach lasagna. For the kale, you can simply make chips from it. You just need to cut the kale from its stem and drizzle it with salt and olive oil. What you must do next is bake it.

  1. Fish

Most of daycare provider may already know that fish is great choice as children menu. It is simply because fish is rich of omega-3 and vitamin D. Those two are important element to protect their brain from memory loss and mental skills decline. Children will also be more focus during their learning process by consuming it. The type of fish that can be your great daycare menu are tuna, salmon and sardines. Grill the fish, sandwich and add fish to the tacos are several idea of daycare menu to try.

  1. Eggs

Eggs is rich of nutrient and protein that helpful for children to be more concentrate. Make a scramble egg and put it into grain tortilla is one idea. The tortilla is perfect for daycare breakfast or snack. It can help you provide protein, carbohydrate and less sugar intake. Besides tortilla, you can also try to make egg salad sandwiches.

  1. Greek yoghurt

When you are hearing the word fat then most of you may try to avoid it. In fact, fat is not always bad for health. Greek yoghurt contain good fat since it contain protein to make brain cell stay in a good form. Simply try to make mix cereal from blueberries, food that contain fiber and Greek yoghurt. Another choice is adding dark chocolate chips into it. Greek yoghurt is great to choose because it can help the blood flow into the brain.

Top 7 Daycare Children Foods to Boost Brain Development

  1. Nut and seed

Nut and seeds becoming the next important daycare children foods since it have several essential content such as vitamin, mineral, protein and fatty acid. Based on this fact, nut and seed can balance children nervous system. Sunflower seed and pesto can be your next daycare menu choice. Sunflower are great because it is rich with selenium, folate and vitamin. Pesto from olive oil and dark leafes vegetables can be next healthy and delicious daycare children food for their brain development.

  1. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is the next great daycare children foods because of its high protein and fiber level. Not only rich of nutrient, this food can makes brain artery and heart stay stable. Automatically, daycare children who consume it will have better memory. Simply add cinnamon to create delicious snack.

  1. Apple and Plum

It is a undeniable fact that children love sweet food. Apple and plum can be your next great choice because it is not only sweet but also rich of antioxidant. What you need to do is wash it well and put it in a bowl to offer great snacks.

Try each of it so that you can provide better list on daycare children foods.