Tips to Make Your Daycare Stay Survive |

Tips to Make Your Daycare Stay Survive

Tips to Make Your Daycare Stay Survive

Tips to Make Your Daycare Stay Survive

Daycare is changing through the days. It is needed to make sure that there is always an improvement. The demand of childcare is raise since there are many parents that need to go back to work. That is why the there are many child care that we can find everywhere. To make sure that your daycare can stay in the business, try to follow these 12 tips as follow:

Set your daycare by thinking also about the parent budget.

The economy condition makes everything harder, also for parent. All the basic needs raise and it makes a lot of parents think again about child care cost. To save some money, parents decide to reduce the hours or even extremely take out their children. To make sure that we can stand still in this difficult time then you better offer some flexible hours, make your rate the same as other or even reduce it. Another way to stay succeed in the business is by make some pay arrangement so that the parent will be easier to pay.

Provide basic learning education in your daycare

Previously, daycare is commonly seen as the place where we find someone to baby sit our children. With the changing of age, we should make some changes to transform our curriculum. Even when we are dealing with infant, we also need to provide proper activities to stimulate their development. The basic academic lesson is given in daycare primarily because the high expectation of parent and school. We know that children are demand to have such ability when they are entering early formal education. However, what we need to remember is make the learning process as a fun time. That is why learn through some games will be perfect choice.

Take a look at the possibility to make drop in daycare

Drop in daycare means focusing into such fun activity for children, mealtime and special theme events. It is perfect for parent who needs some time free from children or get relax. It is similar with the parent nights out that commonly held by schools or recreation center. Try to hold this as a part of your daycare program and make new changes to create more flexible and tempting program.

Try to connect and cooperate with company to raise your daycare income

Recently, there are many corporate that need such and in house daycare center who need child care service for their employees. Even though we cannot join in house daycare with corporate, we still can provide great child care facility near the company. It can provide benefit for both sides. The company will get benefit form availability of near daycare since the employee will feel more secure since they can make sure that their children are safe and health near with them. Automatically, it will make they work harder. For you, your daycare income is absolutely will raise since there are a lot of people that will routinely need your service. The key is just trying to do the best and provide the best.

Maximize technological change to improve communication between parent and daycare

Nowadays, it is not difficult any more to connect with parent. In fact, good communication and cooperation between parent and daycare will likely create better success to your child care business. We can simply exchange email or text message to inform children activity and development in daily basis. Another effective tools for communicate are video streaming to show the classroom activity, photo to capture children moment inside daycare. Do not forget the importance to make daily or weekly newsletter to show what children do to their parent. Set a website and put all your interesting activity to let parent see what exactly their children do in daycare.

Increase your daycare safety

Safety is always become parents concern. If you want your daycare stay survive, you need to provide high secure place. You will need more than just secure fence, electrical lock or proper age toys. It is better if you have some security camera to monitoring children daily activity. It is important to avoid any abuse, harassment or even physical punishment. For the staff receiving, be sure that we held some screening and background checks. Make an agreement with parent about who will pick up the children to avoid any stranger or unwanted people to pick up children in daycare.

Use the internet as your marketing strategy

Word of mouth may become most common and also effective ways to promote your daycare. However, you cannot neglect the communication technology including internet advantage. Build a website that contains detail information about your daycare service, charge and program will be another effective tool to acknowledge many people of your existence.

Held some routine weekly or monthly meeting with parent

No matter how advance the technologies that make us possible to communicate with parent without meet each other but we still need to meet each other. IT is important since it can provide us a sufficient time to share, asking opinion and also dig the parent expectation. Automatically, it will build stronger connection and cooperation with parent to make a great synergy.

Make various programs to create more option for children to find their favorite

When most daycare only take care or baby sit, you can increase your daycare level by developing various new activities. You can include such language lesson, art project, craft program, musical and many else as your additional program to enriched you curriculum and attract parent attention.

Provide pick up and drop in daycare children service

The difficult economy condition often make parent become busier than ever. Based on this, we can start to make a new offer. Try to offer a pick up and drop in service to make parents easier. Not all of daycare may afford for this since it will need additional transportation and more time to spend but it’s worthy to try if you have the source needed.

Do not forget the main concern to provide the best, secure and safe place for children to have fun and learn.

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