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Tips to be a Great Daycare Teacher

Tips to be a Great Daycare Teacher

Tips to be a Great Daycare Teacher

Daycare job is never getting easy especially if it is dealing with children. Each of them has their own personality and behavior to handle. However, as a teacher, we need to make sure that we give fully support for daycare children so that they can reach their developmental level and keep enjoying the whole process. The difficult part here is how to make the learning keep going while maintaining children attention. It will be more difficult if we are handling toddler who seems to have tons of energy and easier to get distract. If you feel that you face difficulties then you may try the following steps to be a great daycare teacher:

Say your order in a perfect intonation to make daycare children listen to you and know that you mean it.

There are common things to happen that we doing something else even though previously we already said that we are going to do another thing. When you give an order to children, stay straight and never do something else until they completely do as you have said.  You do not need to make children feel afraid of you. Just be sure that you give appropriate warning several times until they know that you mean it. Use the bell, the counting method or other ways to be used as a mark. For example, when you want daycare children to quickly put back their toys then you can simply said “I will count up to 20 and I really want to see a clean space”. You can use the charting method to show how much children of your daycare result every day so that they can increase their own achievement.

Make daycare children feel a real experience but stay safe.

Most of us may think that children will need our help especially when it is deal with fine motor usage like writing, cutting and many else. Giving guidance is needed but letting children hold their own pen or scissor will make them better. Doing the thing like cutting, writing, gluing and others by themselves will provide a great sense of accomplishment.

The key success of nap time is make a structured and routine schedule

It is often becomes hard time since daycare toddler will love to play all the times and feel lazy to take a nap. In fact, sufficient nap time is crucial to recharge their energy and give the time for them for the next activity. First, you need to find perfect activity around an hour or at least a half of an hour that will not need much movement like story time. After that, you need to make a routine schedule with the same time, music type and bed to make them understand about this routine. Be sure that you have already minimized the distraction like the noise.

Choose the right voice tone

Most of us may think that difficult to handle daycare children will listen when we raise the voice tone. In fact, it does not matter for them because they do not pay attention in how you sound it. When the children seem not paying attention to your voice then you can start a different activity like singing or others. However, you cannot simply sing every time your daycare children do not pay attention. You can choose some verbal tactics like whispering, signal like put your finger in your nose to ask them silent. The last thing is stay clear, directly say what you mean and choose short words. It is simply because children do not have sufficient ability to understand complex words.

Let children do some routine activity by themselves to get their confidence feeling

Daycare children do not need our help all the time. Sometimes, we need to let them doing all the routine like wearing their own pants and dress after going to bath or wear their own shoes. Toddler is the age where children start to feel that they are an individual that have their own vision and feeling. Letting them doing it by themselves will provide enough confidence, independence and achievement that they want.

Knowing how to handle a debate or conflict among children

There are so many times we have to face with daycare children debate or quarrel. Instead of being panic and blaming one side you better talk with both sides. Explain that the debate or quarrel will not resulting anything. That is why, you will talk to them one by one. Most common problem is toys usage when two children debate to take toys. Try to explain that the best thing to overcome it is take turn. If it is still seems hard to do then you better set a time of how long a child can use the toys and then when times is up they need to hand over it to other children.

Make all the daycare activity as a fun

Toddler is the age where children should have some fun than get depressed to learn all the basic educational skills. Even though we want to make children learn on some academic things, we are really need to make it fun. Game is a great way to do it. Even difficult object like match can be teach in a fun if we know how to do it, make our own math or counting book. Involve children to cut picture, draw and glue it into paper. Write down the amount of each picture in every page. This kind of book is absolutely more interesting and makes daycare children feel more enthusiasm to learn.

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