The Procedure of Baby Diaper Change Tables in Daycare |

The Procedure of Baby Diaper Change Tables in Daycare

The Procedure of Baby Diaper Change Tables in Daycare

The Procedure of Baby Diaper Change Tables in Daycare

Diaper change tables is one of the most important furniture that we should provide. It is important especially if we have to deal with baby under our daycare supervision. Changing tables will become our main needs since baby have to be change several times in a day. Without such equipment then we will get difficulties to take care of the baby. Providing the right type of diaper change tables is not the only main task for us as day care provider. Of course it will be daunting task since there are various type of changing tables out there.For this problem, just try to find the changing tables type that firm, easy to use and suitable with our place space. If we already find out the perfect one then our next job will be equipped our staff about the proper procedure to use the diaper change tables.

 The importance of providing enough knowledge on our staff with proper diaper change tables procedure is maintaining the children safety. In fact, our staff will be dealing with baby and this tables everyday. When they are doing their job to change the cloth diaper of the baby, they also maintain teh baby safety and health. This can be happen only if they are knowing all the procedure to do it.  They have to get proper understanding not only how to do the correct method of diaper changing but also hwo to keep all the are around stay clean. Sanitizing is our next homework if we already find the right diaper change tables for our daycare center. We know that keep all the area clean is not an easy work to do. We have to understand how the correct step to keep the baby stay clean and healthy while we change their diaper. To be sure that our daycare already do the right diaper change tables procedure, we can do the following steps:

  1. Pay attention to the diaper change table surface

When we buy the tables, just be sure to choose the non absorbent, firm and smooth surface. Do not accept any tables that have tear, crack or rip. Finding the correct diaper change tables surface will be significantly related with the children safety and health. Proper surface will avoid any injured risk and keep the germ stay away. Beside that, non absorbent pad surface will be easier to clean and wipe.Stop thinking about the model only, fold able or non fold able will be need to think about later when we already be sure about the children safety. Any safety item of the diaper change table will be useless if we left the children without any supervision. Just be sure to always supervise children even for those who ever rolling before.

  1. Choose the diaper changing tables with drawer to keep all needed supply.

No matter how good a changing table, it can not be fully used without proper drawer. The staff of our daycare will be easier to do their job on changing children diaper if the manufacturer of the diaper changing tables also thing about their difficulties as well. The clever manufacturer will also equip the table with many aisle to put many related thing during the changing process like the gloves, diaper, washable cloth, toilet paper, wipe and many thing else. It makes the staff will be faster to do their job in diaper change tables since they do not need to waste many times to pick up their needed thing from other place. It is also more easier since the staff will be possible to do it only in one hand since all the thing already near to reach.

  1. Always check the supply to support the changing tables job

Just try to do double check for our supply in the diaper change tables aisle. Avoid any mistake by miss count or forget to prepare because it will causing difficulties to our staff. In the end it will affecting our services since the staff will need more time to prepare the needed supplies by themselves while they need to be quickly change the diaper. Another thing that is very important to provide is the waste basket. Put this basket near the diaper change tables to make it easier for the staff to throw the soiled diaper there.