The Perfect Ways to Keep Our Daycare Meal Supplies Safety

The Perfect Ways to Keep Our Daycare Meal Supplies SafetyProviding the right daycare meal supplies is a part of the daycare provider vital job. Day care responsibilities are not only provides the meal to fulfilled children nutrition need but also keeping the meal supplies stay safe. In fact, there are many factors that make illness becomes quickly spread among children in a daycare. A common factor is the food. The daycare staffs that ill can spread their illness without recognizing it while they are preparing the food. Sometimes we do not aware of daycare meal supplies products that we buy. A contaminated food can make the kitchen becomes contaminated. The food contamination is spread so fast before we recognize it. Just imagine the bacteria and virus spreading pattern through sharing the toys, mats, food, or even bathroom. Most of us may think that it will be easier to maintain the daycare meal supplies to stay safe because the improper food will smell bad. In fact, many of food that contains harmful pathogen do not smell at all. It makes us difficult to recognize the possible harm since it cannot be seen or smell. That is why it is really important to make all of the people that involved in daycare daily activities understand about the importance of keeping the daycare meal supplies stay safe and clean.

If we want to provide the best and make sure that our daycare meal supplies stay safe then everyone in the daycare have to be actively involved. We cannot just simply put all of the responsibility to the staff that providing the food. All of the daycare staff including the owner must have appropriate knowledge with the food handling safety. It is simply because they are also in contact with the food. To make sure that our daycare meal supplies stay safe, all of the staff has to get proper training of HACCP. The HACCP itself is the system to reveal the points that have higher risk to be hazardous aspect. Firstly, we have to identify the ingredient that contains in a product. To be sure whether that product contain ingredient that possible to treat the children safety, proper to children age and no historical story of dangerous microorganism. If we still confuse how to do this kind of system in our daycare to maintain the safety of our daycare meal supplies then we can contact our local public health department. Besides that, we also recognize the temperature range that makes bacteria growth easily. Do not let the daycare meal supplies stay longer in the temperature range of 40 up to 140 degrees F.

Practically, the safe food handling practice to prevent illness spreading mainly focused on the preparation and storage of the food. First of all, if we want to provide safe daycare meal supplies then we have to get clean and trusted food source. Clean all the raw material like fruits and vegetables before using it into our menu. If we need the frozen material then we have to be sure that the manufacturer deliver this frozen food by keeping the constant temperature in 00 F. However, do not forget to keep this temperature when we want to store this daycare meal supplies product. The kitchen utensils also need to be clean. Scrub all the knives, cutting board and electric blender or slicer after usage of raw food material like poultry, fish and meat. If we want to serve the daycare meal supplies then we have to maintain the temperature at a safe minimum of 140 degree F. If we are not sure that certain food is good enough or safe for children then it is better to throw it in the waste basket than risking the child’s health. We are also need to do a double check before serving the food. Need a continuous examination of daycare meal supplies during the storage, preparation and the services.

As mentioned before, keep our daycare meal supplies stay safe is not only about the food itself but also the daycare staff. During the process of storage, preparation and serving then our staff should be sanitized all the time. Clean the hands with proper soap and water especially after dealing with raw material, sneezing or using the bathroom. Make all of our kitchen stay clean and well organized. Feeding time also needs continuous supervision. If the children spill out their food, the spill needs to be cleaned as soon as possible before bacteria growth and contaminate the surrounding. Safe and clean daycare meal supplies will not be guarantee if the cooking equipment is not clean so be sure that the utensil is clean. During the preparation an before serving our daycare meal, we will need to taste the food. Use the clean spoon to taste the daycare meal supplies menu. Scrub our nails to make sure that we do not bring any potential hazard. Our hair also needs to be maintained to stay clean. Food storage and preparation should be handled by safe, clean and healthy person. If we have sick employee then it is better to delegate the daycare meal supplies processing into someone else.