The Best Way to Teach Multicultural Children in Daycare |

The Best Way to Teach Multicultural Children in Daycare

The Best Way to Teach Multicultural Children in Daycare

The Best Way to Teach Multicultural Children in Daycare

Daycare job may get a little bit tougher when we have to deal with multicultural children. The responsibility will be harder since we have to face with various backgrounds. The differences of religion and cultural will affect children behavior and our treatment to them. It will be great if you can create proper teaching environment for every children from different background.

Arrange activity to make children know better about each other.

Make all children recognizing the importance of acceptance for the entire daycare student. Create situation where children can get to know better about each other. You can try the interview activity where each child can get their chance to be interviewed in front of the class. You can ask more detail about each of them including their origin, favorite toys, color, food or other personalized question. It can make children knowing better about their daycare peer as an individual not only about their differentiation of origin and performance.

Set a proper daycare decoration to show respect, tolerance and honor to each other from various background

Teaching daycare children does not mean that it has to be done through speaking all the day. We can set some example to make them easier to get the meaning. We can simply put some photo various children from different background that doing good deeds to each other. Visual example can make children of your daycare get easier to catch the meaning that they should tolerate with other children from different type of background. This example application can help us to reduce the negative behavior that may exist among children in daily daycare activity.

Held daycare class discussion to explore about the differences

This type of activity can be a great tool for daycare children to understand about other multicultural peer. Give a chance for every child to take turn and talk about each of their belief and special occasion. We can use this chance to discuss about each similarity and differences.

Set a rule of proper behavior to each other

Never tolerate daycare children humiliation toward other peer from different background. No matter what kind of differences like religion, ethnicity, cultural background but no place for negative behavior. If you find that there are children that doing some bullying to other based on the diversification then you better quickly act and give proper age explanation why it is not allowed.

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