The Best Way to Stop Toddler Hitting Habit |

The Best Way to Stop Toddler Hitting Habit

The Best Way to Stop Toddler Hitting Habit

The Best Way to Stop Toddler Hitting Habit

Most of parent or daycare provider may get difficulties with toddler aggressive behavior like toddler hitting habit. In fact, it is a normal thing to happen. It may appear as toddler way to show their independent, difficult to find the proper language expression or even undeveloped impulse control. That is the reason why hitting is become normal habit for toddler. Normal here does not mean that we just need to ignore it. Try to find proper way to make toddler understand about perfect ways to express their feeling and aggressive behavior is bad attitude.

Here are several ways to deal with toddler hitting behavior:

Show them logical consequences of their action

If you see that toddler is start showing the hitting or throwing any object to other child. You better take them out. Have a seat and take them to watch other children play. Tell them gently that they can join the game again and play with other if they already realize that it is not good at all to hurt the other. Avoid to asking or reasoning their action such as ask them to position themselves as other child. It is hard for toddler to have mature imagination and change the behavior in verbal reasoning.

Be a good role model

Believe it or not, children are trying to imitate your action. Try to control with your own emotion so that they will not seeing yelling, hitting or other aggressive behavior as accepted thing to do.

Give brief limit

Always showing immediate respond when your toddler showing aggressive action. They should know that their action is a wrong thing. Give time out to remove them from the location to make them cool down.

Have consistent discipline application

Try to repeat the response that connected with previous toddler consequences. Lately, toddler will recognize the pattern. Toddler will recognize that whenever they have aggressive behavior then they will get a time out.

Provide alternatives

Wait until toddler aggressive behavior set down. Try to review what happen that make them showing aggressive behavior. Explain that angry feeling is natural but it does not mean that they can show kicking, biting or hitting. Teach them to find more proper response by talk the source or their anger or looking for adult to help. Teach toddler to understand the importance to say sorry whenever they showing improper behavior to other.

Give reward for positive behavior

Sometimes, toddlers are doing negative behavior to catch attention. The best way to stop it is by providing attention when they showing good behavior. When they are patience to take turn or helping other, you can try to praise them and provide some reward. Later on, toddler will recognize that positive behavior can be better way to get adult people attention.

Set television time limit

Television can be the best friend of all toddlers especially the cartoon channel. In fact, the cartoon also commonly shows various aggressive actions like hitting, shouting, threat and other. Just try to take a look at programs that toddler commonly watch so that you can minimize the improper behavior influence.

Get proper physical activity as their energy outlet

Toddler usually has abundant of energy. Without proper outlet, toddler may get difficult to allocate their energy. You better provide various outdoor activities to make them more creative and physically relieve.

Look for professional help when it gets worse

When you feel that the aggressive toddler behavior is getting worse, you better try to seek for professional help. Do not worry to look for other expert help especially when they are showing little changes of behavior. You also need to take professional help when their aggressive behavior starts to bring dangerous effect toward the other. Try to see doctor, counselor and psychologist.

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