The Best Way to Raise Daycare Children Immune

The Best Way to Raise Daycare Children ImmuneThe responsibility of daycare provider is not only to provide places where children can have fun, learn and socialize with others. We also need to make sure that the children always health. In fact, children meet many peers while playing together. This moment has commonly become the time when children share bacteria and viruses without any notice. We cannot over protective and prevent children to play with others who sick. The best way to protect children and increase our daycare children’s health is by maintaining their immunity. In fact, each child’s immunity is based on their genetic. Genetics is a factor we can never change. We are only possible to affect children immune through keeping healthy environment and proper diet. Most of us may still confuse how to raise daycare child’s immunity. The first thing that we should do is providing enough sleep time for children. In fact, sleeping time of each child will be greatly affected by their age. Children in 1 up to 3 years of age will need around 12 up to 14 hours per day. That is why it will be better for us if we understand the entire knowledge about each child sleeping time to set the right rest schedule of our daycare.

If we want to maintain the children of our daycare sleeping time then we should set a certain time in daily basis.  Be sure that we provide proper mattress or cot for children to take a nap. If possible, try to give suitable decoration for children’s sleeping area. We can simply use blue paint on the roof to create shooting effect. Stick to the schedule so that we can make sure that every child in our daycare already get a proper rest hour. To make them feel comfort, we can add blanket or favorite toys to accompany them while take a nap in our daycare. Another thing that can affect children health and immune is healthy eating. Make sure that we give plenty of fruit and vegetables. Provide a balance amount of nutrient and vitamin on snacking or lunch time. The best of food to provide for children in our daycare is the one that contain high antioxidant and vitamin C. It is simply because those two nutrients are vital for immune boost. We can simply serve the fruit and vegetable in a slice or stick to dip or even make it as a juice. Mixture of fruit and vegetable juice is also a healthier option of beverage rather than providing soft drink. For their diet, it is better to ask them consume whole grain and low fat dairy product in our daycare.

The last thing that we should do to maintain or even increase children in our daycare immune system is by teach them about hygiene. If we can explain the importance of hygiene to children then they will know why they should do this. We can simply do this by teach them in a simple rules. For example, ask children to wash their hand as often as possible. Say to them that they need to wash their hand often to make sure that there is no virus and bacteria transferred unconsciously. Ask children in our daycare to wash their hand especially after sneeze, cough, use the bathroom or play with the ground. Put the hand sanitizer container near with the water sink. Another lesson to teach children of our daycare about sanitize is brushing their teeth after eat. Tell them that brushing their teeth regularly will maintain their health. Of course we cannot simply take all the responsibility of children health. We can coordinate with parent to make sure that they are also actively involved in keeping children health. We are also need to be a good role model in daycare because most children will learn about health or sanitize based on what we do in daily basis.