The Best Way to Deal with Lazy Children |

The Best Way to Deal with Lazy Children

deal with lazy children problem

deal with lazy children problem

Deal with lazy children is not an easy task. Most of parent may feel worry if their children do not have enough enthusiasm to study. For this case, you do not need to show your anger or disappointment. It will not help but make all things get worse. The point is finding out the main cause why children losing their spirit to study.

Sometime, children laziness is not about their natural less interest to study or want to challenge us. The problem is most of parent will see it as challenge of their order without try to digging out the real fact behind it. Rarely parent try to understand that children already feel tired with their busy hour at school and lots of course.

The common mistake that made by parent is the impatience to deal with children laziness. Some parent gets rough and starts to threat to make children obey the order. His is not an effective way at all. This method only makes children get lazier to study. We have to find out whether they have study disorder or feeling to tire after get to school or having busy course hour.

If children are really tired, we better give some rest. The study can be continuing after they feel fresh again. Do not forget to create a supporting environment to attract their interest. To make it more interesting, we may use some tools. Just try to make children feel comfortable while study to make them stay focus and less distracted.

When we are teaching them about Math then we should not only push them to remember that 3 times 4 are 12 but using some games or tools so that they will not get trapped into boredom. This method will make them easier to understand about the basic concept and not just remember it. Using ginger bread or various color balls to count also can be a great alternative.

deal with lazy children

Another thing that should be considered to deal with lazy children is the study time duration. Too longer time of study can make children get bored. When they get bored, they will not perform their maximum effort to learn. We better not push them with longer study time at home since they have already get busy at school. 15 minute is enough to do solve test question.

We are also possible to give some period between learning time. 15 minute in the beginning can spend to accompany them to solve some test or help them with proper explanation of something that they do not understand. After that, held some games to refresh their mind and boost their mood. When they look fresh, continue to study again.

In fact, children are easily to get distracted. The best way to deal with lazy children is creating an interesting and far for boredom learning environment and learning method.

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