The Best Way to Deal with Daycare Preschool Bullies |

The Best Way to Deal with Daycare Preschool Bullies

The Best Way to Deal with Daycare Preschool Bullies

The Best Way to Deal with Daycare Preschool Bullies

Daycare preschool bullies commonly rare to be detected. In fact, this may affect children self esteem. Besides that, it may also affect physical and emotional condition. Without proper solution, children will have further problem to socialize in the future.

Best way to protect child from daycare preschool bullies:

Try to figure out what happen

Ask children whether someone already hurt them and what they have done. Daycare preschool bullies may creates bad feeling but they may do not have enough ability to talk about it. When they share what happen, you better keep control your emotion. Tell them that you will always be there and will work with them to find the best solution

Teach children how to respond to daycare preschool bullies

You cannot simply expect that children can face this problem by their own. You can teach them proper way to respond to daycare preschool bullies by doing role play games. It will be useful to make children learn about proper way to deal with daycare preschool bullies and increase their self confidence. They can be either ignore the bully or choose to be brave. Directly act to make the bully stop by saying ‘Stop it’ and walk away or just never give him attention.

Sometime, daycare preschool bullies often get stop when they do not get attention anymore. You may also say that children should stick with friends. It is important to have more friends since bullies commonly try to isolate certain kids so that the bullies can pick on them. Another thing to teach is the importance to tell provider or teacher whenever daycare preschool bullies happen to them.

Have discussion with parent

Meet with parent of children who become the victim and the daycare preschool bullies actor. Most parent may deny or not aware that their children do the bullies or even become the bully victim. Ask them to join in such supervision time together. It is simply because some parent may see that their children act showing normal behavior or there is nothing wrong with it. Some other may think that we are making simple thing becomes bigger issues. However, the best way to deal with daycare preschool bullies is cooperate together to protect and boost children self esteem.

The sign that child is experiencing daycare preschool bullies can be detected from several things. Child may use to love preschool but lately do not have any willing to go. They may also say that they have headache or stomach ache before arrive at the daycare. If your children get depressed, fear or withdrawn suddenly then it is also can be categorized as the sign of daycare preschool bullies victim. Some other explicit sentence may also appear from them like “nobody likes them”, “I’m stupid” or “I am loser”.

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