The Best Way to Communicate with Daycare Parents |

The Best Way to Communicate with Daycare Parents

The Best Way to Communicate with Daycare ParentsThe Best Way to Communicate with Daycare Parents

The Best Way to Communicate with Daycare ParentsThe Best Way to Communicate with Daycare Parents

Daycare job is not simply taking care of children so that they can have fun, get new knowledge and gained nutritious food. If we want to be succeed, we need to know how to maintain good communication with parents. If we have great communication, we can be easily to discuss with parents about the child’s condition including sensitive issues like child’s behavior, children eating behavior and parents with daycare rule. Great communication also makes you possible to get parents more open up to you. The point is stay remember that daycare parent is your partner to take care of children. Here are several points you need to consider before talking about children with parents:

Be sure that we already scheduling the meeting ahead to match with daycare parent schedule

You cannot simply set a time and expect that parent will come as you desired. That is why it is better to set the schedule ahead so that you can find the most convenient time to meet.

Inform the daycare parent about the topic that you want to discuss during the meeting

Previous information about the topic that you want to discuss will give sufficient time for parent to prepare. They can tell more freely about their thought and feeling to us since they have already given the topic before.

Choose the right place to meet with daycare parent

The right place is important since it will decide whether your meeting will be held successfully or not. Try to find an enjoyable and private place where you can talk freely with minimum distraction. You can choose a place like a restaurant or café if you want cozier to talk. If you choose your own place then you better prepare for some drink or snack to accompany you during the meeting.

Prepare for the topic that you are going to discuss

One of the important things to prepare during the meeting with daycare parent is your sentence. Be ready with proper words. Carefully thinking about what are you going to say and the effect or parent’s mind when hear that. It is important to avoid any useless debate.

Say thank you to daycare parent for their willing to come

Thank you is a great welcoming sentence. It can show your respect to the parents. On the other side, parents will feel honored because of your thankful. The feeling of being respected is a great basic for succeeding meeting.

Inform to the parent that the meeting and conversation in it is a private one

Explain to the parent that you held the meeting to make sure that you can provide the best for children’s needs. Do not forget to tell them the reason why you need the information. Explain to daycare parent politely that they are free to give the information to you or not. Commonly, parent will feel more comfortable if  they know that are the one who hold the decision whether they want to share it or not. However, keep reminding them that we meet not to accuse anyone but to find the best solution for children. The parent will likely share the information that you need if they already trust you.

Always encourage parents to talk

Sometimes we have to deal not only with shy kids but also shy parents. At first, we need to create a comfortable environment so that parents can feel relaxed and free to talk. If you face this type of parent, you better try to encourage them to talk by using some sentence like “Tell me, how do you think about this?”, “Please tell me if you think that I am wrong” or “Do you mind to talk about this?”.

Be patient with daycare parent

We have to understand our position during the meeting. We are not the boss but we want to make parent become our partner to give the best for children’s needs. However, sometimes we have to deal with such emotionally tempting sentences. Try listening to them carefully because not all people can find the proper words right away.

Let daycare parent finish their sentence before you talk

Be a great listener is important. Let parent now that you are respecting them through listening them carefully and let them finish their words. Showing your interest by saying some replies.

Try to be an open minded

Try to take a look at the child’s problem in the parent side so that you will not trap in the wrong mindset that you are the only one who correct. Always stick to the point that you and parent are on the same side. Be cooperate to find the best solution for children.

Take a look carefully at body language

To gain success meeting, we need to pay not only to the words but also to the body language. Gesture is another language option to express someone feeling. You can simply find out daycare parent gesture when they are talking to reveal whether they feel comfortable, understand, serious and etc. In the other side, you also need to do the right body language. Try to send a proper body language so that parents can see your true willingness to cooperate with them.

End the meeting in a great manner and positive solution

The best way to finish up the meeting is saying how great the children and how you can work together with parents to find the solution. Set a plan of what next you should do and always inform it with a parent. Be sure that you will stay connected so that you can always set a good relationship in the future.

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