The Best Teaching Style for Infant Daycare

The Best Teaching Style for Infant DaycareProviding daycare for infants is absolutely needed different method than the toddler. It is simply because infant age will have different capabilities of moving and learning. Each infant will need a different approach because they are a unique individual. It can be seen from their individual characteristic like active, talkative or quiet. We also need to know well about our infant so that we can do the best to take care of them. This is why we need to communicate with parent to find the proper way to keep the infant safe, healthy and enjoy in our daycare. What we need to do is provide the activity schedule and also the toys to support their development. Infant usually spend a lot of time to sleep. That is why we need to provide some space for them to sleep comfortably.

We also need to improve our teaching method to make sure that we can successfully transform the lesson to the infant in our daycare. Infant will love singing and chatting. We are encouraged to talk with an infant in our daycare and involve them in daily conversation to help them acquire language skill faster and easier. Be sure that we are clearly talking without any baby talk because baby learns fast from imitates what we do and say. Teach our infant about sign language. It is needed to reduce baby frustration level because they cannot easily express what they feel. We can train them to do some sign for simple daily used words like eat, sleep, play and etc. To make a baby feel comfortable, we can do regular interior change. It is needed to avoid boredom for babies. Like children in other age, the infant also loves the colorful thing. Do not forget to find the activity to support infant of our daycare physical, cognitive, emotional and social development.

Be sure that we are providing a safe and healthy environment for infants. The rule of safety applies for both indoor and outdoor areas. For the toys, choose the safe one. It means that we are better to choose toys that made from chemical free and soft in infants. Do not provide toy with many small details to avoid choking hazard. Sharp edges toys also avoided to decrease the risk of injured. Bright color, various texture and noisy sound will be perfect toys to provide since it can stimulate child’s senses. Try to showing our patience and care while doing daily care like feeding, nap and diaper changing. Take infant of our daycare to walk out is also important since they also need the fresh air, sunlight and also being comfortable with their new environment. Do continuous checking to avoid any potential hazard like damage toys or broken furniture. Just do all of the suggested thing above to help you maintain infant health and safety in your daycare.