The Best Summer Daycare Field Trip Activity

The Best Summer Daycare Field Trip ActivityDuring the summer, the school will be out of session so make a plan of the daycare field trip is a great plan. We can simply use our child care facility or make a summer camp. We are still possible to make children learning many times during their summer holiday. As provider, we can take them out to learn about the animal, food production, safety and many more. Pay more attention if you deal with an infant in your daycare because you will need an extra help to take care of them. You can simply ask parent involvement or additional staff to help you during the trip. For the places, there are many places to go. We can take children to the duck ponds or animal farm. In this place, children under our daycare supervision can learn about the real wildlife which is often heard and see through television or CD. They are also having a lot of fun chance to feed the animal It is even better if you can bring some food and have a picnic on the ground. Let children play freely but keep under good supervision. Hide and seek, sing together or healthy exercise cab is the idea of games when you are outside of your daycare.

To teach children in our daycare about caring, sharing and loving with others, we can take them to senior centre. Arrange some short performance like musical, dance or even drama. Make a project of art or craft to be done by children of our daycare and their senior pair. Having such activity will make children understand the concept of care and affection toward senior people. It is also a great way to show our service toward community. Another great place to visit during our field trip is the local farmer’s market. This kind of trip is important to make them know the real about food that they consume. Commonly, we are only explain about the food through picture or picture during our daycare lesson. By visiting local farmer’s market, we can make children from the professional to choose the ripe fruit. This kind of field trip is also important to teach children about the benefit of consuming fruit and veggies because of its vitamin and nutrient intake. Make a picnic plan for children under our daycare supervision near the farmer’s market Let children choose the fruit from the market to eat as their dessert.

Another idea for the daycare field trip is visiting local park. This place is perfect for children to hear new songs that will be surely attracted their attention. In here, children of our daycare can hear the chatter of squirrels and birds. Make a picnic along. Ask the parents or child’s family to follow. Do not forget to plan such outdoor games during outdoor daycare activity. Another thing that must be prepared is bring the sunscreen and insect repellent. Bring any musical instrument so that you can play it alone or the CD player to make you keep possible to hear the music or doing some exercise and do the circle time outside. Cow farm is another great place to visit. In here, children can learn how the milk production takes place, taking care the cow, and take out the milk from cows. This is an absolutely great thing to attract children of our daycare attention. Learn about milk business will be a great benefit for children. Outdoor festival or event can be another type of fun field trip to hold. We can have some coordination with our local theatre, local library or civic organization to make interesting event for children. Storyteller, drama, puppet shows and a magician can be a choice of activity for children in our daycare. At the end of the day, make some memory book or arrange picture to let children memorize this event. Our daycare preschool children will love it. Make a scrapbook or picture collection of our daycare children while doing an activity is also a great idea to do.