Starting Home Daycare with Great Two Way Communication |

Starting Home Daycare with Great Two Way Communication

Starting Home Daycare with Great Two Way Communication

Starting home daycare is not only about setting the budget and planning for the curriculum, activity type of supplies. Another important thing to maintain is communication with parent. Having great communication with parent can be your start to cooperate with them to support children daily developmental stages. No matter how carefully you are, still there might be some bad day or news that needs to inform toward parent.

Starting Home Daycare with Great Two Way Communication

In fact, children have tons of energy. It makes them commonly cannot avoid the risk of getting injured, had accident, hurt another children losing their stuff or disturbing behavior problem. Without taking care of communication issue on your starting home daycare

plan then you will get difficulties to work it together with parent. Need great guidance dealing with communication problem to inform and communicate with parent? Check out as follow:

Never leave a note for parent

Leaving a note may sound simple for you to do. However, it is not pleasant enough for parent since only receive a note may end up in questioning everything. They will end up in some upset or confuse feeling since they need to know what is exactly happen. It will be better if you follow the note with proper verbal description of what happening with the children. Talk directly with parent can be your great way to take the chance of explaining everything properly and cooperate with them to solve the problem and making the same perspective toward the problem.

Sharing with parent

When you want to inform bad news about children to their parent then it will be better to inform something positive as the beginning. This type of approach will make parents think that you are taking both of the positive and negative things. It may also great ways to avoid them being shocked if you said the negative news directly.

Be sure to follow the procedure that required by the state

If you want to starting home daycare business then you need to keep in mind that you better following the procedure that required by the state to gain success. It will prevent you from taking any false thing toward such accident or unwanted thing like accident and etc.

Starting Home Daycare with Great Two Way Communication

Try to listen to parent point of view while preparing the solution

The task as daycare provider is not only looking at something based on your own point of view. It will be better if you try to hear parent mind and explain briefly of what exactly happen. Let parent talk and try to provide your solution after they finish. Having discussion about parent point of view will make you easier to communicate and provide the best win win solution for both parent and you.

Do not hesitate to involve another staff or trusted people to help communicate with difficult parent

Parent is not always nice and easy to cooperate. Sometimes some parent always thinks that their children are a good child and never doing any mistakes. Some other just showing their ignorance and ended with put the entire burden on the daycare provider shoulder. If this is happen then you can try to involve other staff or competence people to help you find the best way to cooperate.

Never share any negative news of certain children with other parent or staff member that do not directly involve in the event

It is important to discuss the news with the involved side such as parent of the children that directly involve. You can avoid the labeling possibility by doing this. Otherwise the child that involved will be called as naughty or bad kid. In fact, any labeling that previously given without seeing with other people own eyes can affect their perspective and point of view. It makes other staff member or parent cannot be objective and tend to judge the children.

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