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Special Education Online Courses Free Option

Special Education Online Courses Free Option

Special Education Online Courses Free Option

Special Education Online Courses Free Option

Special education online courses free is not a dream anymore. You may get free courses to provide special needed children to help them well with the learning, communication, and management of their emotion and behavior. Not only that, you may also get a chance to get a free course to learn more about their sensory impairment and development disorder. It is such a great news since the tuition for special needs usually high. In fact, you are possible to gain what you need by accessing the free online classes by following leading universities. Even though it is free but it is also taught by leading professor. The course itself will be delivered through articles, video lectures, and online test.

Special Education Online Courses Free of Charge, Great University List

Behavioral management from University of Southern Queensland

This university is located in Southern Queensland, Australia. By taking behavioral management of special need in this university, you will learn the various method to help special needs children in a different age group and level of education. During the course, you will learn about teaching methods and research technique discussion to maintain special need children attention. Themes of the course will be as follow:

Comprehensive method to influence children positively

Cooperative learning strategies

Classroom teaching, management, and procedures

Tutoring by peers

There will be also several behavioral management theories such as The Kounin Model, The Behavior Modification Model, The Assertive Discipline Model, The Reality Therapy Model, The Logical Consequences Model and The Social Skills Training Model.

Legal Rights of Children with Autism and Related Disorders from Yale University

As one of the best private Ivy League universities, Yale can be your next option. They offer free courses on their YouTube channel. Themes that are available are a brief history of how special education laws evolved over time, how the laws get involved in the life of a child after he or she is diagnosed with autism or another related disorder, what legal right of special needed children on their education, therapy, medical services and social services. The last theme offered is how parents and guardians can get assistance from local, state and federal agencies.

Special Education Course from E-Learning Providers

Special Education Online Courses Free OptionEven though E-Learning Providers may not a university or college but they are the most available educational courses. You can try to get the courses from Open Learning, Alison and LD online. Alison offering themes on the core requirements of special education, changes in educational legislature, teacher and trainer responsibilities and an individual educational plan. Not only that, Alison also provide the description of learning disabilities, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, intellectual disabilities, behavioral disorders, physical disabilities and sensory impairments.

Special Education Online Courses from Open University

Do not worry if you want to take a special needed course but do not have a formal academic qualification. With the cooperation of British Broadcasting Corporation and OpenLearn team, free courses of five most significant stages in special needed children life is offered. Those are birth, schooling, dating, leaving home and aging through real-life case studies stages. Stages one titled Baby Love will cover up the birth and early years while Education, education, and education is discussed about school years. Those two program stages will be perfect for you who want to provide daycare for special needed children.

Simply choose the one that will be proper for your aim and needs from the list of special education online courses.

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