Smart Start Daycare Field Trip Part 2 |

Smart Start Daycare Field Trip Part 2

Smart Start Daycare Field Trip Part 2

After choosing the right destination for your daycare field trip then you can start to create the next plan to make it perfect. Here are the next things that you can do:

Smart Start Daycare Field Trip Part 2

Start it earlier

You better start many planning the daycare field trip earlier so that you can have sufficient time to make perfect plan. Make an earlier planning will prevent you from too much stress that may pushing you to create many mistake that commonly happen during the last minute.

Get some volunteer

One of the main functions that daycare provider are need to keep is the supervision function. However, much more adult to supervise is better. That is the reason why it is better to have more volunteer. It will be much better if you can divide the daycare children in several small groups with volunteer supervision. Automatically, it is also helpful to eliminate the possibility of children being lost or get injured.

Set alternative plan

Alternative is important for every type of plan that you create. It is needed since children will be waiting for daycare field trip and they will be really disappointed if the plan is failed. That is why you need to set another alternative plan.

Be sure that all needed form is signed

The first important is make sure that all parent giving their permission that showing by their signature on the permission form.

Bring emergency card

Emergency card is needed to be bringing since it is important when you deal with emergency case. This type of card is containing children information and how to contact their parents.

Describe about safety to daycare children

Explain about safety to children before going to the field trip. At least, you will need to remind them not to talk with stranger and going around without adult supervision or accompany.

Smart Start Daycare Field Trip Part 2

Making or purchase uniform or shirt

It is better if you can make or purchase the same shirt or uniform for the whole children, staff or volunteers. Be sure that you are choosing the one that have bright color. Do not put children name on their shirt since it will make stranger get easier to recognize their name as if they already know the children.

Do not plan daycare trip after nap or rest hour

Even though children will love the fun during the trip but you need to keep their rest schedule hour. That is why you better going early in the morning and back to the daycare by their rest hour.

Have alternative plan for those who cannot join the trip

Some parent may do not allow their children to join the daycare field trip. To solve this problem, you can try to look for alternative plan so that they can still have fun.

Do not take young children field trip

Young children that better not include into daycare field trip here is the one that still need multiple naps or toilet training. It is simply because this child is not old enough to get the benefit of field trip. For this type of children, it will be better to take the people come to entertain the children.

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