Simple Tricks to Make Our Own Daycare Bib Supplies

Simple Tricks to Make Our Own Daycare Bib SuppliesDaycare bib supplies are important to be provided since it is used in daily basis. Providing a bib will help us to minimize the mess that children make during the feeding time. Children especially those who start learning to eat by themselves usually make a mess. Even a big child sometimes loves to play with the food and dirt their clothes. The daycare bib supplies will be helpful for us. Unluckily, we have to provide a lot of bib supplies and it will cost. If we just an owner of a small home daycare then we can try to make it on our own to reduce the expense. Actually, there are many types of material that available at our home to be used as daycare bib supplies. First that we should do is making a pattern. We can make a pattern of our own if we have basic tailoring skills. If we do not have such skill then we have to learn it. Do not worry since we can find the free pattern from such online source. Usually, this free online source also completing the daycare bib supplies patter along with the detail of instruction.

Find the proper material and cut it according to the daycare bib supplies that we get. Sew and add some kind of closure. Towel is a common material that already available at home and perfect match to be used as this type of daycare supplies. Find hand towel or even a dish with interesting print or color. Do not forget to add ribbon to the end of the towel so that we will be easier to wash this daycare bib supplies. We can make many kinds of  bib size if we want. If we want to make a round daycare bib supplies then we can make a circle shape at first. Cut about 2 inches at the top of the circle and cut a circle size that matches with the baby or kid neck measurement. When it finishes, we will have a round bib in the front and tap off behind the neck. We are also can make tie or snaps at the neck area. If we do not want to do some hemming, we can use some binding tape on the neck opening. We are also can use the tape around the daycare  bib supplies. For the closure, we can add some snap, Velcro or even tie string.

We can make many kinds of daycare bib supplies shape. We are possible to make square or rectangular bib. For rectangular or square bib, we can make the same width as circle one. We can put at least 2 inches on the top bib. After that, do not forget to cut a circle shape for the daycare bib supplies neck opening. The important thing that we should remember when making this daycare product is making it not more length than middle chest. Take a measurement from both shoulders in front side. Take some inches off of each side. If we are finished, add some closing like hem or binding tape. If we have an old t shirt then we are also can use it as our daycare bib supplies. We can simply cut it from the back side all the way through the neck area. To make the cut look nicely as preschool supplies then we can hem the cut edges. Add closing like Velcro or snap to the neck band. Be careful when makes daycare bib supplies measurement form an old t shirt. Be sure that it will be large enough to covering children’s clothes.

Do not confuse to choose the best material for our own daycare bib supplies. We can use any type based on our preferences. If we want to find the one that will help us to hide stains then the dark fabric will be perfect for it. Make the right measurement since it will be useless if we cannot make an exact measurement. To make the right measurement, we can take it while the baby or children sleeping. If it is too difficult than we can take the same measurement from previous daycare bib supplies that we already have or get from the store. When we are making our own daycare bib supplies, do not forget to make the neck loosely to make children feel comfort when wear it. If we choose ribbon as our closure then we have to make sure it is long enough. Make the ribbon longer so that it will not put the children in choking risk. Be careful when making the bib because bib also have the same important usage as other furniture. Make it match with children size. After finishing, we can have various daycare bib supplies that ready for the daycare packing list when we are planning to take travel.