Simple Tips to Arrange Teacher Supplies for Preschool |

Simple Tips to Arrange Teacher Supplies for Preschool

Simple Tips to Arrange Teacher Supplies for Preschool

Simple Tips to Arrange Teacher Supplies for Preschool

Teacher supplies are needed to be correctly provided for the children under our supervision on the daycare. The problem will be wider when we need to keep the supplies stay arranged. In fact, supervising many children already become a busy task to do. It have to be added with our effort to maintain all of the supplies to keep well arranged. We know that children have millions energy to move around, playing and make a mess with all of the teaching supplies. It is rarely found that they can be asked to put back all of the teacher supplies that they have use in its place. Usually we have to put all of the supplies back after they mess it all. It is common to happen that student of preschool just let all of their paper, pen, color and other learning stock supplies on the floor after learning. This is the problem that usually makes teacher become confuse how to solve it because not all of us know how to organize teacher supplies in an easy way.

To make us easier on organizing of teacher supplies then we will need several things.  First of all, we need to prepare the following things to help us store any supplies :

  1. Plastic basket
  2. Book shelf
  3. Storage containers
  4. Colored folder bags
  5. Hanging file box

Each of the mentioned equipment above have its function to arrange our teacher supplies so that our preschool classroom will stay neatly. The first one is plastic basket. We can choose the small size of basket to keep all of the student supplies. We can put the pencil, pen, ruler, glue, tape, eraser, scissor and many general things. When we are finish the learning process or making some craft then we can ask our preschool student to put back all the pen, pencil, scissor, glue and other general into a small basket. Later on, we will be easier to find it when we need it because we already put the teacher supplies into certain place.

For books, we can put  it in a book shelf. We can put the shelf near of our desk to make us easier to find or take it when we need it. This kind of shelf can be used to store the book, dictionaries or other type of books. Do not forget to remind our student to put the book or any reading text into this shelf to make them easier to find. Books is an important teacher supplies. That is why we need to find particular equipment to store it so that we will not get any difficulties to find it when we need it in the learning process. For teachers, a book shelf will be a must in order to make their reading text material can be arrange properly. Hanging file box will be the next equipment to prepare. We can put any school supplies that related with the paper files. All the things like lesson plan or work sheet into the hanging file box. It will make us more easier to find rather put it all together into our desk or book shelf. As we know, teacher supplies have various item so classified each item into proper place will make us convenient.

Buy storage container to keep all of teacher supplies. For the storage, we should buy several pieces to make us possible  to store each item based on its usage. It is better for us to label the container for each lesson type. In fact, we have various subject in preschool like math, geography and art. To be sure that we do not find any difficulties when we need to pick up certain items then we can divide it correctly. The labeling and differentiation of each storage will make us possible to arrange all of our teacher supplies. Not only that, we also do not need to be bother again with spending much time to find our needed teacher supplies. This  type of storage arrangement method offer an easier and more convenient way than put all of things together in a single storage.

Teacher supplies already put in order. The next step is to perfectly find a great place to put all the shelf, storage or box so that the class room will stay neatly and still have enough place for our student to do their activities. We can try to put the book shelf in the corner of the class room so that the center area of the class room will still be available to be used for another type of activity. However, the main thing that we should think about is the availability of space. If we do not have enough space then we can  put each shelf on the corner. Be sure that we do not put more than 2 shelf to avoid the fullest sense. Mark all the plastic bag, boxes or containers that are used to store different type of teacher supplies.  We can use an interesting label color to make it easier for our student to differentiate it. If we do that then we can be sure that we will not loosing or difficult to find any educational supplies. Beside finding discount supplies item, placing or arrangement all the teacher supplies should be our main concern.