Simple Method Introducing Color to Infant in Your Daycare

Simple Method Introducing Color to Infant in Your DaycareWe have a lot of homework if we are dealing with an infant in our daycare. It is simply because they are dependent on us to recognize their surround and learning many things in the world. They are starting to absorb what happen around. The development and enthusiasm of infant in learning new things gain its higher level during their first year.  That is why it is better if we can introduce as much as possible information to them to maximize the learning result. It is also applied when teaches infant in our daycare about color. Most of us may think that it will useless to teach infant about color since they do not have any ability to speak up. However, earlier we introduce them with color then it will be faster for them to learn about color in the future. In fact, teach infant about color is the same as teach them about shape, animal and many else. More often we then they can be easier to recognize it in the future even though during early age they cannot express their understanding in verbal. Daycare takes parent responsibility. That is why we have to maximize the time and opportunities to teach them while spending time in daycare.

We can try to make our infant of daycare being familiar with color through using toys. The only problem is that they cannot easily differentiate between color that have close relation or a little bit of difference in similarity. Providing toys that have various color is important to make them memorize more colors. The most common toys color in daycare is white, black and red. More contract means more easier for infant to recognize the color. We can simply teach infant about color recognition through simple daily activity. Just try to speak up any material that we find every day. Later on they will be able to recognize the color and differentiate between one to another. More repetition that we make will make infant easier to remember and memorize.  For example, take infant outside the daycare and point to the sky while saying blue sky or picking grapes and mention it as purple grapes. This is just a few examples of teaching method that we can apply to teach infant of our daycare. Just try to repeat it again and again so that the infant will be able to associate the word and color.

Another way to attract infant attention is by playing games that related with color recognition. We can use the media of the ball or block with various color in our daycare. We can simply roll the ball and mention the color while playing it. The book is also a great medium to teach color. Be sure that we provide book with colorful picture. Point out a subject in the book and mention to the infant what color is it. Do some repetition so that the infant can memorize it quickly. For example, we point out on pink flower and said ‘pink flower’, do the same thing to another object. Most of us may confuse or unsure whether it is effective to teach infant in our daycare about color. They may cannot express or saying it verbally but they can absorb all the information that we provide. Later on, they will be easier to recognize the same information in the future. So how about the early age to teach infant in our daycare about it? In fact, the infant can see better about color in two months of ages. That is why it is better if we can start to teach them about color recognition during this age. Just try to mention any sort of color if we find a certain object with color. We can even teach them about color by using any item that we can find in our daycare.