Simple and Fun Finger Daycare Foods |

Simple and Fun Finger Daycare Foods

Being daycare provider, you will be dealing with a lot of different child behavior. One of the common behavior to deal is picky eater. The best way to settle it is preparing proper daycare foods. Of course, it is not an easy job to do. Need a hand on it? Here are several suggestion on perfect fun finger daycare meal to prepare:

Simple and Fun Finger Daycare Foods

Easy pizza bites

One of common loved and popular food for kids is pizza. You can try to deal with picky eater daycare children by making easy pizza bites. What you need to do is making small and easy to bites pizza and the cook it by grilling and oven it on your barbeque.

Creamy cheddar and apple bites

Another lovely foods to prepare is creamy cheddar and apple bites. Kids love cheese and you can try to combine it with fruit to create healthy food for daycare children. It is a great method to make them consume the needed nutrition for their daily needs.

Buffalo wing shrimp lettuce wraps

If you want to create simple but healthy daycare foods then buffalo wing shrimp lettuce wraps is surely putted on the list. Add some healthy DIY tomato sauce to make it more interesting for children.

Coconut crusted chicken fingers

Coconut crusted chicken fingers is the next food to create. To make it more interesting, add some lime dipping sauce.

Kale chip

Need some suggestion on children crackers? Try the kale chips with some gourmet treat topping.

Chicken skewers with honey glazed

Honey glazed chicken skewers that is free from gluten is surely healthy to eat by daycare kids. What you need to do is just grilling it.

Crispy baked wings

Try to bake wings. This crispy food will be lovable. Need something to make it more interesting? Give sauces on it.

Blueberry and cinnamon granola bars

Need to create an easy and healthy grabbed food. Make no bake, full of protein and nut free granola bars.

Roasted chicken and salad rolls in Vietnamese style

Want to grab picky eater children attention? Try to create salad roll for the dinner. You are even possible to ask them to help you. Involving daycare children to make it will surely makes them feel excited and love to eat it since it is their own creation.

Pressed Italian sandwich

Create and easy to bites sandwich will be perfect for simple dinner.

get the perfect ways to create simple and fun finger daycare foods in here!

Hot dog with meatball and veggie

When you hear about meatball then most of you may directly think about pasta. Actually, it is not only connected with it, you are even possible to make hot dog with healthy vegetables mixed with mini meatball.

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