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Sign of Bad In Home Daycare

sign of bad in home daycare

sign of bad in home daycare

In home daycare already become popular among working parents especially for those who do not have a lot of money. As we know that most parent choose this type of day care mainly because of the homy situation, near location and cheaper cost. Even though we  do not have much money but it does not mean that we can not get a good home daycare for our child. To find a good one, we need to do carefully searching. We can not find a good place if we are looking in urge for it. Most of us may confuse how to decide whether certain places are good or bad.  To overcome this, we can take a look for some sign below that can be use to indicate that it is categorized as bad in home daycare. The indication are listed as follow :

    1. Reputation

The most simple way to investigate whether in home daycare that we are looking is a good or bad is by checking their reputation. It can be gained through asking to relatives, friends or other parents of our child school mate. Mouth to mouth words can be a good source to investigate.  If we find story from some other parents that it is not a good choice then it is better for us to find another places. There are so many other child care so it is not worthy to risk our child development and safety in daily basis.

    1. No clear rules

 In home daycare maybe can be categorized as a homy one but it does not mean that it does not need to set a clear rules. As other type of business, this type of daycare also need clear rules and regulation to run it well. Those rules and regulation are needed to be basic guidelines of daily operation. We need it to decide the operation hour, emergency, sick policy and many other aspect to make further agreement on it. This rules also need to be written down in a contract so that we can read it and put our sign there. Bad in home daycare do not have clear rules about sick child policy.  Imagine that the daycare that we choose do not have toleration about our children sickness just because we do not pay attention about their policy of our child. In home daycare also need to provide health service like immunization and regular health check up.  Based on this need, we need make sure that they have health policy. If they do not have it then it can be source indication of bad home daycare.

    1. Bad curriculum

Another sign of bad in home daycare is the one who do not have good daily schedule and learning method. If we find any static or too strict method then it is better to avoid it because our child will only be pushed to learn without any given space for their creativity to develop. Check the kind of activities that scheduled by the day care provider. If the situation is such an old way study like spend many times on their chair with books or board without any fun learning with television, video or musical entertainment then it should be forget. Much further, learning method here also dealing with the tools. If the in home daycare do not have proper toys for child age then they should be eliminate from our list because they can put our children health in risk.

    1. Do not have qualified teaching staff

In home provider is chosen mainly because of this day care provider is a mom.  It can give us secure feeling since they have experienced with kids. Unfortunately, most of this daycare do not have a license. It means that most of the staff do not have proper qualification that obtained through certification, training or course. Taking care of children do not only need patience or affection but also good knowledge of education and child health. If the provider do not have sufficient knowledge on how to make a good education learning system and emergency action toward children health then skip it directly.  Qualified education here also should be showed by great attitude toward our children. If the provider or caregiver of in home daycare speak like baby, yelling, shouting, neglect or even hit a baby then we should take our children away.

    1. Not fulfilled the safety standard

The bad sign of in home daycare that dealing with safety are as follow:

–          The area is not clean

–          Bad ventilation

–          Bad sanitary

–          The furniture is not firm enough

–          Smoke detector is not working

–          Do not have proper first aid kit

–          No safety gates and electrical coverage

–          Have good safety standard on opening  gates of stranger so that unknown people can not enter to in home daycare freely.

If we find those bad sign on our chosen or examine in home daycare then it will better to avoid their businesses since it will not good to leave our children in their hand.