Save your Budget with Cheap Daycare Food Choice Less than $3 |

Save your Budget with Cheap Daycare Food Choice Less than $3

Save your Budget with Cheap Daycare Food Choice Less than $3

Save your Budget with Cheap Daycare Food Choice Less than $3

One of daycare responsibilities is providing healthy and nutritious food. Unluckily, it is not that easy since we get budget limitation. It will be better if we can find some kind of food that will not make us spend so much money.  Most of us may think that cheaper food is not a healthy one. In fact, we can have nutritious food in cheaper price as long as we know which one to choose. Here are several ingredient that we can use to serve healthy food for our daycare children by spend less than $ 3 for each package serving. Feel not sure about it? Here is the fact, 1 pound of brown rice is only need to pay around $ 1, 75. This amount of brown rice can be used for 10 side serving. It means that we will only spend 18 cent preserving. Get more detail as follow:

Brown rice

This type of healthy ingredient is a great choice to introduce for daycare children to make them recognize healthier food choice. This ingredient is perfect for fried rice, rice salad, soup or side dishes. Use only ¼ cup of dry brown rice for each serving time. It is including into cheaper and healthier list not only because it is cheap but also full of protein, calorie and fiber.

Whole wheat pasta

This type of ingredient is the next great food for daycare children. We can use it as the ingredient to make hot and cold pasta dishes. Just need 2 ounces of dried whole wheat pasta so we can use a 16 ounce box of dried pasta up to 7 serving time. The price of each bag is only $ 1, 69. It means that our daycare will only need to spend around 24 cents per serving. Another great thing about whole wheat pasta is the ingredient of protein, fiber and calorie.

Whole wheat bread

Whole wheat bread is perfect ingredient to make hot sandwich, cold sandwich, bread pudding and bread stuffing. During sale season, we can purchase whole wheat bread by $ 1, 99 so that we will only need to spend around 18 cent per serving. We can use it for 11 serving times if we used 2 slices for each serving. The sandwich that makes from 2 slices of this bread can give your daycare children sufficient calorie, protein and fiber intake.

Nonfat Greek yoghurt

Yoghurt is healthy snack. This nonfat Greek yoghurt is greater since it is nonfat. This is perfect choice for daycare children snacking time. We can mix it with fruit, granola or smoothies. The price is around 89 cents for 8 ounce containers. You can save more money but stay provide healthier food by buying large container of this yoghurt and take 8 ounce for each individual serving. This snack can provide enough calorie and protein for daycare children.

Fresh bagged spinach

We can use fresh bagged spinach to make egg dishes, soup, casserole and quick salad. You will need to take 2 cups of fresh bagged spinach for omelet. If you want to make main dish salad, you will need to use around 4 cups. To buy fresh bagged spinach, your daycare will only need to spend $ 1, 99. It means that you will only spend 33 cents for 2 cup serving and 4 cup serving. This type of food is rich of calorie, fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium and folic acid.

Frozen vegetables

This type of food is great choice to make daycare stew, side dishes and casserole. Frozen organic beans can be purchased around $1, 79 while petite peas or chopped spinach will need $ 1, 19. The higher price of 24 ounce bag of mixed vegetable will be $ 2, 25. Based on this, you will only need to expense 25 cents per serving since we will use 1 cup from the whole 8 cup in each bag. The daycare children nutritional needs will be fulfilled with the sufficient calorie, protein, fiber, vitamin A, Vitamin C and Potassium.

Whole wheat pita bread

This type of ingredient will be helpful to make nutritious and quick breakfast. You can make various daycare meals like hot and cold sandwiches, pizzas and flatbread appetizer. The price of a package of 12 ounce pita bread is $1 at Trader Joe’s. This package will consist of 6 pita bread. Regarding the amount per package then you will only need to spend around 50 cents for each serving. Pita bread provides enough calories, protein and fiber that is essential for daycare children.