Revealing the Types of Daycare Supplies that Useful for Multiple Intelligence |

Revealing the Types of Daycare Supplies that Useful for Multiple Intelligence

Revealing the Types of Daycare Supplies that Useful for Multiple Intelligence

Revealing the Types of Daycare Supplies that Useful for Multiple Intelligence

Daycare supplies that we provide for children under our daycare supervision must be proper not only for their fun playing time but also learning time. Have you ever heard about multiple intelligences? In fact, children have different type of intelligence like some children may learn well through music while others can do better if using picture. This kind of multiple intelligences will help us to reach all of children with different kind of intelligence reach. Even if our daycare is just a home daycare but we also need to transfer knowledge in order to our responsibility when receiving children from their parent. To give better lesson, we need to provide proper daycare supplies. It will be better if we have complete list of supplies that can fulfill the children needs. Children have different ways to learn. Some of them need to be close with nature, using daycare supplies than related with numbers, letter and etc. That is why, we should facilitate children with different type of daycare supplies material based on various intelligence that they have.

To establish great educational lesson in our day care, we will need various daycare supplies. Unluckily, the price of new education supplies is usually very expensive. The monetary recession makes us even harder to get the supplies that we need. However, having limited budget is not the end of the world. We do not need to buy all new material. We can even search through internet to find some exchange website. We can purchase great condition of daycare supplies form many schools, teacher or even daycare with more reasonable cost than buy a new one. Auction site is also great to choose to get our desired educational daycare supplies to support children learning program. This kind of site can be our alternative ways to save some money since our daycare will absolutely need another expense on complete supporting equipment. Not only the equipment or furniture that we will need to provide, we will also need to take care of children nutritional intake. If we can save some money on education daycare supplies then we can allocate it into the nutritional budget.

Most of us may still feel confuse in choosing the kind of essential inventory for various intelligence. Here is some example:

–   Puzzle will be great material for children who have spatially intelligence

–   Audio tape or any other musical material will be great for musical intelligence

–   Art, craft, multimedia and educational games is proper daycare supplies to give children balance time for play and learn.

–   Book is useful for reader lover

–   Elementary chemistry set is great for children who love scientist.

All of the daycare supplies that we provide should support our daycare goal to stimulate preschool children creativity and imagination. We never know which one supply that can increase children intelligence because each child is unique and have their own preferences on choosing which daycare supplies that fit with their need. The best way that we can do is just providing various types of supplies in our child care.