Reveal The Reason Why Children get Difficult to Walk |

Reveal The Reason Why Children get Difficult to Walk

children get difficult to walk

Have you ever experience or have relatives that their children get difficult to walk? If this is happen, you better be calm and understanding their condition. In fact, walking is not an easy task for children. It contains series of complex movement to do for children age. At first, the body muscle, foot muscle and the arm need to be strong enough to carry the body weight.

children get difficult to walk

However, not all children can easily walk. Some of children get difficult to walk. Rather than being busy to worry, you better support them by giving the right stimulus. Without proper stimulation, children will get difficult to reach the proper stage of their walking phase. Firstly, all of the needed muscle needs to be strong enough. After that, they need to control the whole of their body part coordination.

Not only train their body part coordination, children also need to train their balance. When children can stand alone, they will likely try to take their step and then walking. No need to get worry too much when your children are not being able to walk while the other can. It is simply because each child need different phase to pass this process.

children get difficult to walkThe age and period of walking ability development is wide enough. This is the fact that you need to keep in mind. Usually, children will be able to walk during 12 up to 15 moth of age. Around 60 percent of children being able to walk when they reach their first age while other needs longer time. You need to start being aware if your child already reach 16 month of age but still cannot walk.

Recognize the following reasons why children get difficult to walk as follow:


Believe it or not, one of reason that makes children get difficult to walk is their laziness. They get lazy because they feel that crawling is much easier to explore their surrounding rather than standing on their leg.

Lack of stimulus

Proper stimulus is essential during this phase. If you are too much carrying them in your arm or less stimuli then you cannot hope they can learn to walk.

Healthy aspect

Another reason that may affect children laziness to walk is the healthy aspect. The reason is children over weight, disturbance of the nerve and slow growth development. If the problem is about slow growth development then you better looking for health expert help.

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