Reveal 6 Basic Home Daycare Supplies |

Reveal 6 Basic Home Daycare Supplies

Reveal 6 Basic Home Daycare Supplies

Reveal 6 Basic Home Daycare Supplies

If you have home daycare business then you must prepare for proper home daycare supplies. As a starter, you can try to provide 6 types of basic supplies. The detail is as follow:


Basically, you will need to prepare breakfast, lunch and snack for daycare children. Be sure that you prepare it completely for all children under your supervision so that every child can get their needed nutrient.

Diapers and wipes

Usually, the diapers and wipes will be categorized as home daycare supplies that provided by parent. However, it will be better if you have your own supply so that you will not run out supply when you need it. Just be sure to store some of it in case parents forget to bring or run out when you need to clean up the mess.


Children at any age love toys. However, it can be such an endless budget if you have to buy brand new toys. Just simply try to ask for family or parent donation for the first time. Do not forget to prepare for the storage and do the toys rotate to avoid boredom. Another way out is checking on the yard sales and thrift stores. Do not forget to also pay attention to children toys including the material and its part.

As started, you can try to provide block, play kitchen, car, book, doll and dress up box. For children health, you may also provide indoor or outdoor playground to make them stay active. Climbing, stair, rope and other will be needed to train their physical. Active playground will also useful to avoid boredom and make them fresh to learn again.

Art and craft

Craft supplies are other basic supplies for your home daycare. The starter lists are paper, glue, marker, paint, crayon, play doh and blunt edge scissor. Another art and craft supplies to provide are glitter, pom-pom and stencil.

Sleeping equipment

Proper sleeping equipment will be needed to provide sufficient nap time. Crib and port a crib will be proper for infant and toddler. If you have older children then you can change it with cot and nap mat. Be sure to have similar napping supplies so that there will be no quarrell time to take exact nap supplies.

Reveal 6 Basic Home Daycare Supplies

Safety supplies

Safety should be your main consideration when you are dealing with children. For safety purpose, you may need to provide flashlight, smoke detector, fire extinguisher, outlet plug in, cabinet lock, first aid kit and portable radio.