Reasons Why We Should Never give Physical Punishment to Children |

Reasons Why We Should Never give Physical Punishment to Children

Reasons Why We Should Never give Physical Punishment to Children

Reasons Why We Should Never give Physical Punishment to Children

Physical punishment commonly still applied by parent to children. Most parent think that hitting, slapping or others is a kind of ordinary act to make children become an obedience, clever and great children. In fact, is it true that physical punishment can change children to a better person? Do you know that higher parents level to give physical punishment to children can resulting lower children intelligent quotient.

Not only making the children intelligence become lower than other, physical punishment also can block children mental development. Believe it or not, children that commonly get harsh act form their parent will be prefer to stay alone or stay away from their peer. Discipline is a good value to teach but physical punishment will not settle any problem.

Physical punishment will not make the situation get better. Never let the physical action becomes acceptable culture in family or society. Moreover, stress can change the children brain arrangement and damage certain neuron. Parents that hit their children are not giving any proper lesson about good thing. Try to positioned children as your friend when you want to teach them. Stay away from any harsh thing. Avoid physical punishment and create affection and love culture.

If you still cannot find the reason why you better not apply physical punishment then you better take a look at the following things:

Physical punishment will make children imitate it in the future

There are so many studies stated that children who often get physical punishment will have aggressive behavior when they grow up as teenager or adult. It is simply because children are naturally learn how to behave by take a look and imitating their parent. When parent get used to do physical punishment then children will think that it is something that acceptable to do.

Children negative behavior because parents forget their needs.

Another aspect that makes children showing negative behavior is unfulfilled needs of enough rest, sufficient nutritional food, fresh air and freedom to express and explore. Sometimes parent forget their children needs because of too busy with their own business. Stress because of job burden is also adding parent emotional feeling when they face improper children behavior.

It is not fair if they give physical punishment just because children showing their negative behavior that resulting from parents fault. In fact, this negative act will not teach children to solve conflict with more effective and humanist action. The children that often get physical punishment will cover up their revenge and angry. They are even cannot learn how to handle the same situation in the future.

Physical punishment can interrupt parent and children connection.

The tight connection between parent and children should have base on love, affection and respect for each other. If you hit children to make them obey your words then the only reason why they do it is just because they are afraid. That kind of behavior will not last for long because they will tend to refuse your words again.

Angry and frustrated feeling is not build from children inside.

The angry is accumulated since long ago since their parents get used to give physical punishment. At first, this type of punishment successfully makes children maintain good behavior but it will give bad effect when children grow up.

Children that get physical punishment in their sensitive part of body will associated it with hurt feeling and sexual enjoyment.

This type of thinking will create bad effect especially if children do not get a lot of attention from their parent except when they get physical punishment. Children will grow up with lack of confidence. Even it can be worse when children believe that they do not deserve to get better thing.

Physical punishment can make children catch wrong message that physical punishment is acceptable action.

Children will think that hitting smaller person who have less strength is acceptable thing. When they grow up, they will grow as less affection toward other person. They also feel afraid to person who stronger than them.

Children who often get physical punishment will believe that it is the best way to express their feeling. They will get difficulties to understand other better ways to solve problem.

All of the reasons above should be our main consideration before giving any physical punishment to children since it will not make them as better individual. It will make them worse personality when they grow up later. Stop physical punishment and start to turn into educational punishment.

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