Playful Games to do During the Daycare Field Trip for Elementary Age

Playful Games to do During the Daycare Field Trip for Elementary AgeHaving a field trip for our daycare children is a great plan. Unluckily, we cannot spend the time fully by letting children explore by themselves. We also need to organize some games that can be an alternative when we are needing to wait or spend some time in certain place without a specific agenda. Children love games. It is absolutely undeniable fact. We can use the games not only for entertaining children but also transferring knowledge and engage them with the surrounding environment which is very different with our daycare. Treasure hunt can be a great idea when we are visiting local museums. Make a list of things to find and make sure that we are detail about it. Divide children into several groups will be great to teach them about cooperation, respect and friendship. We can ask the children of our daycare to find certain artefact , statue or old vase that matches with the detail that we already write down. Explain that we will give them reward if they can complete this group task before the time ended. This game is absolutely entertaining, educating and challenging for children which is rarely can be accommodated in our daycare in daily basis.

Other games that are perfectly matched to hold during the daycare field trip is peephole game. This kind of games is perfect activity when you ask children to visit the architectural sites. Peephole games enable them to see something from various perspectives. However, we have to pay attention to children age so that they will understand about the game completely. This is the game that best to play with younger elementary student. Playing this game is easy. We just need construction paper and make a big enough holes for children in our daycare to see. Divide one paper for each child and ask them to see surround environment from the holes. Explain to them that this is called perspective when they see a thing differently when they do not wear the paper. Next proper game to do with our daycare preschool children is voting. This is the game that makes children of our daycare encourage to speak up their opinion on something. For example, you may ask children which one that is larger between crocodile and elephant or what is the largest animal in the zoo. We are also possible to encourage their bravery on to speak up by asking their favorite animal or favorite spot on the trip. To make it complete, give a sheet of paper and ask children to write down their favorite based on their experience out of the child care. This game can make us easier to teach children about freedom of speech during real experience outside the daycare.

Next fun games to play during your daycare field trip is the camouflage. In fact, having some visit that out of our routine business schedule is great so we have to make it fun for both children and us. This camouflage is flexible because it can be played by any group of age. It will be best playing in outdoor space like a park or outdoor playground. This game is similar to hide and seek, one child will be the one who should spot to their friend while other children must hide and coverage all of their body. One child must spot friend without making any movement. The first one that has spotted will replace. This is great games that impossible to do at daycare so when we are going out, it will be better to do to increase children’s memory. Last great game to do in the daycare field trip is the postcard. If we want to make the trip more memorable than we can buy a postcard for each child. Ask them to write down on everything that attract their attention during the trip. Let them free to write anything that being their favorite. This is the way we as provider to teach children to express their feeling and opinion in a better way. When they finish, they can give the postcard to their parents at home to show how much they enjoy about the trip. This is also a great thing to stay connected with parents as provider and showing them that we are really planning a good trip for the children on our daycare.