Perfect Physical Activity Choice for Toddler in Daycare

Perfect Physical Activity Choice for Toddler in DaycareThe daycare provider job is not easy especially if it is dealing with toddlers. Children in this age seem to have tons of energy and easily distracted. That is why we cannot simply push them into a particular activity in a long time. To overcome this problem, we can start to choose the perfect activity for the. In fact, many studies stated that toddler at least have to get 30 minute structured physical activity in a day. Here are the kinds physical activities that you may apply in your daycare:

Circle rhythms activity

Circle time is a kind of perfect time for us to ask a toddler of our daycare to do the useful physical activity. It is a great since children will love the physical activity that doing in fun. Firstly, ask children to make a circle. Cut an elastic string or yarn that matches with the circle. Tie the elastic yarn or string and ask a toddler to hold it at their navel. Play some of favorite song and ask them to raise their hand when they hear a certain beat or rhyme of the song.

Follow up the leader

This is a fun and useful physical activity for toddler. We can simply ask one toddler of our daycare to become the leader ask the other to follow the leader movement. Of course, we have to tell to the leader first what kind of movement is allowed. We can do such basic physical movement like running, jumping, hopping, rolling and etc.

Walking walking games

Ask toddler of our daycare to make a circle. Let them learn the song of basic movement like walking, hopping and running. Ask them to do the physical activity based on the song. The most important thing to keep in mind is that making sure that the circle is big enough so that the toddler of our daycare will not bump each other while having fun with this physical activity.

Parachute games

If your daycare does not have such parachute then you may use large sheet. Ask toddler to stand outside of the parachute. Give them instruction to take up, down, fast and slow.  Once more, make it more fun by adding an instruction like below. When you say under, ask a toddler of your daycare to hide under the parachute as soon as possible. The parachute term also can be changed with other similar item like an umbrella.