Parent Safety Checklist for Daycare Preschool Playground

Parent Safety Checklist for Daycare Preschool PlaygroundBasically, there are 13 aspects that should be checked by parents when they visit their preschool daycare playground. Those aspects are as follow:

  • Be sure that the playground structure is designed properly for preschool children
  • How long the playground structure is being used? Do the daycare already do some update or renovation to maintain children safety.
  • Check whether the daycare is already inspected by trusted inspector from CPSI
  • Does the daycare already explain clearly to the preschool children about the safety rules and potential hazard?
  • Check the daycare staff and children ration when they are playing outside.
  • Find out whether the daycare playground has guardrails as safety protection.
  • Carefully examine whether the playground is free from any damage or broken part that will endangered preschool children. The type of hazardous thing is rust, broken part, splinter or cracks.
  • Check the playground surface material, the depth and the thickness.
  • Check out the playground width. The minimum area that suggested is about 75 square feet.
  • Check out the comfort zone for children during the play like shade and tables availability. Shades will need to provide protection while tables will be the place to eat and drink.
  • If the daycare playground has sandbox then parents need to make sure that the sandbox is already regularly checked

While the hazard that are commonly happen to the daycare playground are:

  1. Falling down because improper material for playground surface.
  2. There is no enough space for the equipment placement
  3. The playground has entrapment in opening
  4. The risk of trip
  5. Less adult supervision
  6. Activity that held is not suitable with children age
  7. The daycare provider or staff do not held routine maintenance
  8. The equipment or playground structure has sharp edge
  9. The playground platform do not have such guardrails as safety protection
  10. Choosing the wrong type of equipment that is actually not supportive for daycare preschool playground.