Nutritious Breakfast Ideas for Daycare Children

Nutritious Breakfast Ideas for Daycare ChildrenSometimes it is also become a part of daycare job to provide breakfast for children under their supervision. Dealing with this, we are responsible to serve a nutritious breakfast menu. It is not only because nutritious menu is healthier than the common breakfast but also a good start for children to study in the morning. The common healthy breakfast menu to provide are whole grain, fruit with high fiber, nuts, egg, berries or ground flax seed. The whole grain and fruit can provide sufficient glucose amount to children brain while eggs and nuts will maintain full feeling in children. Ground flax seed is well known as one of the best source for omega 3 fatty acid and berries is great to increase memory capacity of our daycare children. If we serve a nutritious healthy food as daycare breakfast then children will have better focus on their learning process.

Here are several nutritious breakfast ideas to try in our daycare:

Bagels with low fat cream cheese are perfect because children of our daycare will love bagels. However, we must know which bagels that is healthier. Instead of choosing the white bagel from flour ingredient, choose whole wheat bagel. The cream cheese will make it tastier and make us free from calorie worries since it is made from low fat cream. Last touch is a chopped fruit to make various tastes. Toast with peanut butter is another kind of breakfast menu that is absolutely nutritious for daycare children. Cereal that made from whole grain is also great to choose. There are still a lot more breakfast menu that full of nutrition like burrito, waffles toast with multi grain and vanilla yoghurt or strawberry sauce. Even we can make a healthy omelet with chopped vegetables. English muffin that made from such whole wheat ingredient will be delicious choice if accompany with melted cheese in top of it. Do not forget the pancake that also becomes one of children favorite. Make ground flax seed pancake for children of your daycare breakfast.

The last type of nutritious breakfast for daycare children are the light one. Fruit slices with special dip can be a great option. We can choose apple as the chosen fruit while the perfect dip for it is the almond butter. Make a smoothies from acai berry is also a complete and healthier drink choice. Yoghurt is another option for breakfast menu in daycare. Choose low fat yoghurt and put some nuts and fruit in it.