List of Important Daycare Supplies and Equipment Inventory

List of Important Daycare Supplies and Equipment InventoryProviding  proper daycare supplies and equipment for our daycare is important if we want to open a new daycare. In fact, there are many types of supplies or equipment available in the market. To make sure that we will not make any mistake in choosing wrong type of supplies then we should check out our state requirements first. It is needed to find out because each state have different requirement. However, there are basic standard of common daycare supplies and equipment that we should provide. When we are preparing for their supplies, we need to keep in mind that we should not only provide place for them to play but also supporting their development stages. Each age will require different types of equipment so we have to pay attention to their age when choosing toys or equipment. If we have various age of children then we can choose toys that can be use by all children ages. To save our money, it is best to find the firm and durable furniture so that we do not need the daycare supplies and equipment often.

Important thing to be consider when choosing daycare supplies and equipment is the safety. The safety supplies and equipment are electrical outlet cover, lock, fence, safety gates, smoke detector and others. If we provide an indoor play equipment then we should make sure that there is no sharp edge, sturdy, easy to clean and safe. For the sitting space, we need to arrange it well so that the children will not be overcrowding. Proper arrangement will be three table and four chair to make us possible to sit and supervise them.The supervision will be urgently needed when eating time coming. We do not need to always buy a new daycare supplies and equipment to save money. However, there is supply that should never buy a second one. Never choose second hand car seat since most of used one is not properly function anymore. For basic classroom furniture, we should provide at least tables and chair with proper size, storage, wooden bookshelf, wooden kitchen, stroller, paint rack, proper rug, paint easel and nap mat. Try to find all the supporting daycare supplies and furniture that can fully support our daycare daily learning process.

Another type of daycare supplies and equipment that we need to provide in our preschool or home daycare is appropriate toys. When choosing toys for children, we have to keep in mind to avoid any toys that possible to cause choking hazard. We also need to carefully check the toys to fix out every broken or missing part. Beside toys, our daycare should provide many type of activities to support their development. The first creative learning method is art supplies. The daycare supplies that categorize as art are paper, marker, chalk, water color, paint, beads and many other. Teach children a drama also fun. To support it, we need to provide daycare supplies and equipment like kitchen set,telephone, mirror, musical instrument. Backpack, hat, sunglasses, clothes, blanket, puppet, toddler doctor and tool kits. We can ask them to play phoning, dishes, cooking, dress up, take care of a baby, becoming doctor and technician. We also possible to teach children about science by providing magnet, sand, spoon, leave, magnifying glass, bubbles and other material in our daycare classroom. During free hour, we can let children doing any activities. We can provide supporting daycare supplies and equipment like puzzle, truck, clay, play mat and soft book.

It will be great if we can provide place for children library. To make such place, we will need sufficient amount of book and comfort place to sit down. We can even provide mattress and some pillows to make them relax while reading. To increase children creativity, we can provide daycare supplies and equipment like play mat, soft blocks, cars, plastic people and animal. Let them playing with blocks to make a city or home in their own version. To support children gross motor skills, we can provide plastic shopping carts, child size bicycle, motorcycle, truck and ball.  Choosing the right daycare supplies and equipment is not only important for children but also for the daycare provider. Good arrangement will also resulting good business. Computer with such proper learning program will need to be prepared. Beside that, we also need fax, copying machine, phone, working desk, chair, drawer, clock, books and other basic office supplies. We can get great discount if we buy office supplies in bulk. Other type of daycare supplies and equipment to provide are sanitary item for childcare like wipe, mat, diaper change tables, paper towel, tissue, hand soap and anti bacterial soap. The last but not least daycare supplies and equipment directory is the snacking equipment like plastic eating utensil, sippy cup, bottle, potty seat.