List of Free Daycare Supplies for Art Activity |

List of Free Daycare Supplies for Art Activity

List of Free Daycare Supplies for Art Activity

Daycare children need a lot of supplies. It means getting free daycare supplies that you may get will be helpful for your business. In fact, children are not only needs such basic material that makes them learn about various subject. They will also need to learn about art. It is simply because art activity can teach them to expand their creativity and skill. However, the art supplies can be expensive. Need some idea to get cheap or even free art supplies? Check it out here:

List of Free Daycare Supplies for Art Activity

Toilet paper

Toilet paper is a kind of cheap supplies to make toys to let small car to or marbles through.

Egg cartons

Egg cartons can be your next free daycare supplies

to create imitation of caterpillar or make sorting container.

Milk jug

Milk jug is also great choice to be used in sorting game

Metal ends of canned juice

Have metal ends of canner juice? Place stickers on one side to do memory game.

Used newspaper

Have a lot of unused newspaper? Use it as your stuff to do paper mache.


You are simply can make beautiful collage project from magazine.

Used paper

It will be helpful are you can use unused supplies for art project. Even used paper is still can be used. Use the other side for coloring need for example.


Try to make kite from lace. What you need to do is glue the lace from top to the bottom point and from left to the right.


Sewn up the left over fabric to create doll clothes. Besides that, you may cut and glued it on your art project.

List of Free Daycare Supplies for Art Activity

Hole punches circle left over

You can try to glue it on paper to crate imitation of snow.


Buttons has various functions during the art activity. You can use it to teach daycare children about sorting game, shape or decoration.

Used marker and crayon

The used crayons can be melted down and reshaped it. The used marker can be arranged to create such decoration or glue it to make such place to keep writing utensils.


Yarn can be used to create a horse or zebra tail


Boxes can be used for various activities. A small box can be used to store various stuff while a large one can be decorate as car or house to play in.