List of Daycare Learning Supplies for Preschool |

List of Daycare Learning Supplies for Preschool

List of Daycare Learning Supplies for Preschool

List of Daycare Learning Supplies for Preschool

Providing appropriate daycare learning supplies is essential to support our preschool children. As daycare provider, we are not only responsible for taking care of their playing need or ntritional need but also support their developmental process. That is why we need to make several learning are and providing the proper daycare supplies. Here are some idea for learning area and supporting daycare learning supplies that we need to provide for each activity type:

1. Literature learning area

If we want to make such literature learning area in our day care then we can provide such places for our preschool children to increase their reading, listening and problem solving skill. The material which is proper to be put in there as daycare learning supplies are book aisle, various book, paper work to make them working with alphabetical learning and audio visual tools. Do not forget to always provide comfort seat so that they feel enjoy to spend time there.

2. Dramatic playing area

This kind of area will be one of children most favorite places. It is such an imaginary world where our supervised children can play and develop their creativity using our daycare learning supplies. To support it, we need to provide numerous thematic clothes, accessories, mirror, house cleaning material, children kitchen, plastic food, plastic eating equipment, imitation of first aid or doctor tools, dolls and many else. Give our preschool children task to play such situation with the daycare learning supplies and let them develop the story according to their point of view. It will be a great learning method for their future since everything in this world is not only be painted in white and black. They can use the daycare learning supplies material learn to make a decision and solve their problem through this kind of playful activity.

3. Art learning area

Art area is a kind of relaxing area for preschooler since they are free to use our daycare learning supplies there after learning with such basic skill like alphabetical or numerical lesson. This type of learning is playing with children imagination. For the learning supplies itself, we will need many things like paper, drawing paper, pencil, pen, marker, color, paint, crayon, scissor, glue and many more. Do not forget to also provide paint smock to cover up the children clothes while they are busy to create their art project. The daycare learning supplies for this area sound too many for us who have limited budget. However, we do not need to worry since we can get good price if buy it in a bulk. Beside that, visiting local preschool or kindergarten school will also make us possible to get our needed daycare learning supplies for free.

4. Fine motor learning area

The last area that is better for us to prepare is fine motor learning area. It will help our preschooler to practice or doing some activity to support their control of handwriting. Not only that, it can improve the strength of their muscle and finger. The daycare learning supplies material that needed for this area are sewing card, puzzles, wooden blocks, board games and etc.

Preschool daycare should have appropriate places to support children development. We all know that every child loves to play. It means that we are not only need classroom but also other room to fulfilled their needs to expand their creativity. Part of our job as daycare provider is providing daycare learning supplies that fun and support the education as well.