Improving 3 Years Old Daycare Children Knowledge Through Media

If you are having preschool daycare children under your supervision then you will need to find a proper way to make their interest toward media can be a positive one. In fact, 3 years old children usually get connected a lot with media. It may carries such problem later if you just letting them connected too much with media without proper control. You better start to acknowledge yourself to support their development and increasing their creativity. What you need to do is being creative to use their interest toward media.

Improving 3 Years Old Daycare Children Knowledge Through Media

When your 3 years old daycare children tell you that they can telling a simple story then you can ask certain question about whats happening on television or computer. Let them tell their story freely while you can add some new words for their vocabulary. It is effective enough to boost children language ability. Commonly, children get attracted into certain TV shows, games or videos. It makes them continuously repeated to watch the same thing a dozen times. If this is the case then you can ask them about it. Through this way, you can train their memory.

Preschool children is also love to sing such simple songs. If this is the matter then you can provide such computer activities or television programs that having rhythms and songs. Do not forget to also encourage children to sing and dance. If possible, do the dance and sing together with them to show your attention, patience and involvement. When they start to name color, number, learn shape and match them then you can ask about color, number and shape that seen on television or computer program.

Do you ever feel that your preschool children ask too many question? It is natural to happen since their age make them full of curiosity. If they start to love the what, who and why question then you can use their lovely computer program, games or television program to explain about the character, why they do such activity and why certain things happen that shows in the media. Somehow, preschool children is also interested into the same and different things.

Just simply try to find their favorite animal or cartoon character on games or television program that can do the same thing as they do such as jumping, walking, running or hopping. After that, ask them to imitate the movement together. By doing this way, you can make them exercise and learn new things in such a fun and enjoyable moment. Sometimes, children is also enjoying the time to do the household and do some easy chores. If it is happen then you can ask children becomes part of your daily routine household.

Improving 3 Years Old Daycare Children Knowledge Through Media

Involving them into household chores can teach them about responsibility and empathy toward their parent job at home. Unconsciously, the television show often showing the program that carrying gender stereotypes where children teach that such activity is only boys or only for girls. You better teach daycare children earlier that they can be whatever they want since nowadays girls also capable to do mans job or activity.