Important Steps to Starting a Daycare center |

Important Steps to Starting a Daycare center

Important Steps to Starting a Daycare center

Important Steps to Starting a Daycare center

Initial steps to starting a daycare center are an essential phase that decides the success of your daycare in the future. Daycare center itself is a care provider that provide service for 6 or more children under 13 years old of age that attend the program less than 24 hours per day. Usually, you will need to have license from the Office of Licensing in the Department of Children and Families.

Still confuse to take first steps to starting a daycare center? Here are the steps that you should take:

Identify the potential location

The first thing to do when you want to build a daycare center is choosing perfect location. Be sure that it has potential customer and perfect safe surrounding to take care of children.

Contact the town construction official

When you already find the potential location, immediately contact the construction official of the town. This action is needed to determine whether the property has been zoned to include a daycare center or not.

Make sure that your location is not including in the business zone

Operating daycare center will be difficult if you choose location in the business zone since the crowd and noise will affect children. That is why you need to make sure from the municipal official that the building is not in the business area.

Get the Certificate of Occupancy from municipal construction official

This certificate is needed to reflect that building is compliance with the application requirement of the State Uniform Construction Code. The Certificate of Occupancy itself should follow one of the following criteria:

I-4 (institutional) is for children that is younger than 2,5 years of age while E (educational) is for 6 or more children start from 2,5 year old of age. The last certificate type is A-3 or A-4 (assembly) is for school aged child care program.

Contact the Office of Licensing toll free to ask for courtesy inspection

Once you find the perfect location, contact the Office of Licensing toll free at 1-877-667-9845 to get courtesy inspection. Usually, they will also review the architectural plan for renovation and new construction. The good news is this service will be offered for free to you.

Get the Manual Requirements for Child Care Centers and read it carefully.

From this manual, you will get the information of the insurance importance. You will need at least to take vehicle insurance and comprehensive liability insurance.

Carefully choose the staff

You better pay attention on your staff qualification. It is simply because your client will see your daycare from your staff qualification.

Pay attention on the supervision and staff child ratio

If you want to have successful daycare center, you will need to have proper ratio between daycare staff and child under your supervision.

Planning a proper activities and complete equipment

Great daycare center is the one that can provide great curriculum that can be easily seen from its activities on their program. Besides that, you have to make sure that you already provide the needed equipment to create successful daycare center.

Carefully maintain your health and sanitation condition

Good daycare center is not only about great curriculum but also its surrounding. It means you also need to maintain your daycare center health and sanitation condition to make sure those children will always stay safe and healthy.

Provide healthy food and nutrition

Healthy food and balance nutrition will be needed to support children development. If you can provide it then children will get the nutrition that they need for their daily activities.

Provide enough time for children to take a rest and sleep

Children spend most of their time to play. However, they will also need to have enough rest and sleep to refresh their energy. That is why you better also provide rest area and equipment for children nap time.

Involving parent and community in your daycare center activity

It will be better if you can cooperate with parent and community around. Their participation will be your endless support to create successful daycare center.

Important Steps to Starting a Daycare center

Make a neat administrative and record keeping

Great and neat administrative and record keeping will bring good effect to your daycare business. It is possible since great record keeping and administrative will make you easier to deal with daycare tax and inspection.

Check your staff background carefully

If you want to have great daycare center business then you better double check your staff background. Make sure that you have your staff member criminal history record information, fingerprint background check, child abuse record information.

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